Top 500 Influencers with "Social Media" in their Twitter Profile

This list shows all 48 people from the Little Bird Top 500 influencers at SXSW that use the word "Social Media" in their profile. Interesting note: @hubspot has not one but two people on this list!

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List of Little Bird "Top 500" Influencers at SXSW whose Twitter profiles contain the term "Social Media"

Twitter Profile
Twitter Followers
Little Bird Insider Score
Jason Falls22Founder and smartass in residence at Social Media Explorer. Husband, Father, Author, Humorist. Not safe for the easily offended.83077123
Dave Peck38Global Head of Social Media at @PayPal. Geek, pop culture nut, husband and father of 5... Yes, 5.13115399
Kelly Olexa52CEO, Founder: @FitFluential. Interested? Fitness Fanatic, Starbucks Addict, Social Media Cupcake. Show me the sushi.6321189
Mark Schaefer53Chieftain of the blog {grow} and social media bouncer. Consultant, educator, podcaster, author of Return On Influence, Born to Blog, and The Tao of Twitter.8343489
Susan Beebe56Global Social Media @TysonFoods. Board Member @Champions4Kids #Strategy #Communications #PR #socialmedia #community #startups Former @Dell These words are mine1120987
Jennifer Preston58Using social media to tell stories on NYT's @thelede. First social media editor @nytimes. @ONA Board of Directors. Story ideas? UGC? jepresto@nytimes.com9432386
Jim Storer62Experienced community mgr & social media strategist. Founder @TheCR. Devoted dad, runner, golfer, BBQ addict, craft beer geek & amateur photographer.813383
Dan Zarrella72HubSpot's Social Media Scientist.7003578
Christopher Barger75SVP Global Digital @ PNConnect. Author of The Social Media Strategist. Not a ninja or Jedi. Perspectives and opinions are my own.955977
Katie Morse84Music lover. Former #DnB DJ. Traveler. Bookworm. Romantic. Nerd. #Keto. #Wolfpack. Social Media at @billboard. Writer at @KickKickSnare. Opinions = mine828371
Kate Buck Jr.89Social Media Manager & Fly Girl. Lover of coffee, shoes & football. Choreographer. *STREAMING LIVE from my brain to your browser.
Kipp Bodnar94Inbound Marketing @HubSpot. Co-Author of The B2B Social Media Book ( Founded (@smb2b)1680866
Lauren Fernandez101social media @landrysinc. Granddaughter of a Cuban revolutionary. shorter than Tom Cruise. Big Hair Don't Care. #gopackgo943263
Nisha Chittal102Social media content editor, @msnbc. News junkie, feminist, lover of brunch, wine bars, tapas. Opinions my own. Nisha.Chittal@nbcuni.com1211863
Chris Yates103Video Content Creator + Social Media 4 Brands-Bud Light, Verizon & Maui Jim, Sports Biz, Emmy Winner, Intercepted Heisman Winner, in Movie w/ Robert Downey Jr.1041662
Natanya Anderson107Dir. Social Media @WholeFoods, Past-President, Austin Food Blogger Alliance, ATX food blogger, mom, dragon rider, runner.746360
Greg Matthews109Healthcare. Social media. Enterprise change management. WCG, co-founder of #co_health chat, SxSW Health Advisory Board, creator of #MDigitalLife1023459
David B. Thomas116Dad, home cook, music nerd, tech geek. Sr. Dir., Content & Engagement, @Salesforce. Co-author, The Executive's Guide to Enterprise Social Media Strategy.688756
Tammy Gordon123Innovating @AARP social media, television, radio, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, Netflix, Roku & whatever comes next. Views: My own1084154
Toby Daniels132runner of marathons, new york based co-founder & ceo of crowdcentric & founder & executive director of social media week.866251
Shana Glickfield134Love all things DC proper, social media, activism, & entrepreneurship! Dean of @Awesome_DC. Board of @SafeShoresDC. Partner at @BeekeeperGroup.1087550
Dr. William J. Ward137Social Media Professor in @NewhouseSU @SyracuseU - Digital, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Journalism, Higher Ed, Innovation, @GoogleGlass Explorer1338349
Kelly Lux143Dir of Social Media and Adjunct Prof @iSchoolSU * Co-founder #CMGRchat & #CMGRclass * Volunteer @HHDogRescue * Yogini * Internet Reconnaissance is my thing664348
Sara Lang156Social Media Manager for Advocacy at #AARPSocial. Views are my own. CAP/DNC/Obama alum. I wasn't a hugger before Obama2012.1814545
Brandon Chesnutt189Social Media Director at @identitypr. @startupweekend Detroit organizer & facilitator. Member of @CrainsDetroit's 20 in their 20's. Gamer. Geek.714436
Jim Tobin194President: Ignite Social Media. Author of 2013's Earn It. Don't Buy It and 2008's Social Media is a Cocktail Party, both available in print and Kindle.1040836
Cheryl Contee202social media for social good - Partner/Co-Founder at &; Publisher (as Jill Tubman) at
Eric Carvin229@AP's social media editor, helping 2K+ journalists with newsgathering and engagement. I'm also an @ONA board member. And I enjoy finding berries in parks.1000628
Brian A. Hernandez238My eyes are locked on music, TV, movies, celebs, games, sports and social media as @Mashable's Associate Entertainment Editor.1644327
Mary Catherine 241Director of Social Media at @CNBC. I tweet about media, music & my coffee obsession. Email:
Rich Tucker251Cruise Geek - Social Media Strategist & Tactician. Facebook Marketing Pro.749626
Marcel Santilli261Follower of Jesus. Passionate, creative guy. Tweets on faith, social media, tech & biz. Brazilian by birth, Texan by choice. Work at IBM. Opinions are mine.384525
Uwe Hook262German born, raised globally. At the intersection of media, advertising, social business and technology. Goal: Change the world. And be a good person.1450525
Sherry Lowry293Has 5-Generation Team: Vision Enactors Collective: ...7 Biz in 7 Emerging Industries over 4.5 decades. Loves Austin, Social Media.191522
Ranjun Chauhan304@HootSuite expert, former @IBM Social Media Strategist, @UCLA Bruin, Politico, Love the South Asian Diaspora, techie, foodie, getting fit.194521
Steve Johnson319Curious, love my family, like nuance, technology vet, traveler, social media fan, CRO at HootSuite. Also help the autism community with
Ashley Cass324Digital Storyteller and Social Media Socialite @GiantNoise. I've got a thing for dance parties, fun times and going out... a lot.317619
Teresa Cantwell333Director of Community Management at EXPO Communications. Talkative social media enthusiast that is always up for a great conversation. Let's connect.112919
Ben Z. Samples338@Nike Global Corporate Comms. Social Media & Public Relations Strategist. Conversation Starter. Perpetual Student. Red Raider. SMILE! Views/opinions are my own.228618
Patrick Pho341Producer at @VW. Social Media Miley Cyrus. Gen-Y Blogger. Enthusiastic Vlogger. YouTube Partner. Theatre Critic at @WeLoveDC. Opinions are his.241218
Luis Benitez357IBM Sr. Social Software Product Manager, Social Business & social media enthusiast. Hobby pilot. Hate toxic toys. Tweets are my own.582217
Samantha Needham362Social Media. Web Marketing Strategy. Love 2 connect w/ entrepreneurs, web geeks, music lovers and cool ppl. Working for @delloem. Founded @clublezlife301317
Rachelle Lacroix369Social Media Director @Starcom_USA180616
Carlee Busby374Social Media @Airbnb. Real estate investment. UNC alumna. I travel a lot w/ @philihp, my other half.147615
Jennifer Caukin378PR & Social Media Geek; Mom of 2; Views & opinions here are my own.1852315
Lisa Borodkin379Entertainment + new media attorney, social tech, foredeck, and runner.214115
Tiffany Thompson381Dir Marketing @OracleSocial ex@Vitrue. Social Media strategizer, lover & trainer. Foodie. Amateur Chef. Frequent wine consumer & sassy GA peach! Tweets r mine179615
Rich Pesce389Social Media & Digital Communications @CapitalOne. Runner, Aspiring Cyclist, Baseball, Mobile & Wireless Technology, Music.286214