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This view shows the Top 500 influencers who Tweet the most. Whoa! These folks Tweet an insane number of times! The lowest end of the Top 50 puts out over 20 per day. 

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LoriMoreno189.6730812#1TwitterGrader Influencer Luxury Brand Ambassador Travel Beauty Fashion Events TV _ _o_e Personality Author Speaker #SocialMedia PR
Perez Hilton103.0480183Perez Hilton is a proud dad! He is also the creator and writer of one of the most famous websites in the world. And he loves music and musicals - a lot!
Scott Weinberg97.66647273Writer. Film critic at @FEARnet & several others. Sorta-producer. Semi-actor. Wise-ass. Horror geek. Cat fan. Twitter junkie.
Calvin Lee90.48213493CEO designer/brand strategist of Mayhem Studios. Twitter addict livin' n breathin' #SocialMedia. Featured: Forbes, Wired, Huff Post, Mashable. Nicest guy in #LA
Thomas Marzano59.24208917Global Head of Brand Design @Philips | brand experience design strategist | blogger speaker | UX innovation marketing socialmedia photography | views my own
JenWojcik57.79979697CEO/Co-Founder Auspex Group Inc. Nationbuilder Expert. Redhead. Snark. Corseted feminist. Activist. Lipstick & Tall shoes. Baby Daddy @bwoj. I don't bite, hard.
R Ray Wang57.20148466Constellation Research Founder, Provocateur, Keynoter, Disruptive Tech, Innovation, Biz Model Strategy, Author, Contract Negotiator Dominate Digital Disruption!
Kelly Olexa52.97201491CEO, Founder: @FitFluential. Interested? Fitness Fanatic, Starbucks Addict, Social Media Cupcake. Show me the sushi.
Guy Kawasaki52.31111017Advises Motorola. Author of APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur. Former chief evangelist of Apple.
Chris Brogan51.24315561Publisher, Owner Magazine ( More? contact:
Larry Richman50.15783038Writer & photographer covering film festivals & indies at, Operations Manager, Palm Beach International Film Festival
Warren Whitlock49.70683534Forbes Power Influencer Radio Host, Author, Speaker, Blogger and Friend
Scott Stratten48.62996238Author, Speaker and kind of a big deal on a fairly irrelevant soc media site which inflates my self-importance. Lesser-half of @UnAlison.
Tammy Gordon47.91174463Innovating @AARP social media, television, radio, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, Netflix, Roku & whatever comes next. Views: My own
Gary Vaynerchuk43.62524817Family 1st! but after that, Businessman. Just a dude that Loves the Hustle, People & the @NYJets. CEO of @vaynermedia. Tasted wine for years at @winelibrary
Trinidad Jame$39.9025557Visit !NEVER DRE$$ to impre$$...Dre$$ to KILL! For booking
Zane Aveton39.29727549Digital Strategist for Celebrities � Big Brands � Pro Athletes | #ErykahBadu #PGATOUR | #NBA #NFL #MLB #NHL Team Physicians | Event + Media Personality
Christian Payne38.40543067Mobile storymaking | running workshops | talking tech. Used to be a shepherd.
Jessica Merrell 38.04973382Founder of Blogging4Jobs. Top 50 #SoMe Power User by Forbes. Sometimes red head or blonde. Insights in #HR, #Recruiting, #Leadership & #Tech.
Lauren Fernandez36.67226127social media @landrysinc. Granddaughter of a Cuban revolutionary. shorter than Tom Cruise. Big Hair Don't Care. #gopackgo
C.C. Chapman35.26429518CMO of @YSN_Global - Author of Content Rules and Amazing Things Will Happen - Nicest Guy On the Internet
Sara Lang35.08096887Social Media Manager for Advocacy at #AARPSocial. Views are my own. CAP/DNC/Obama alum. I wasn't a hugger before Obama2012.
Leyla Arsan33.95244487Digital marketer who travels a lot, likes good food and friends who are true. Opinions heavily influenced by Sean McGinnis. @leylaruinseverything on Instagram
Kelly Lux33.36115916Dir of Social Media and Adjunct Prof @iSchoolSU * Co-founder #CMGRchat & #CMGRclass * Volunteer @HHDogRescue * Yogini * Internet Reconnaissance is my thing
Jeff Meltz33.04693954Photographer & semi-professional pizza enthusiast. RTs are either endorsements or should've been subtweets. holler:
Damien32.3611638falls somewhere between streetwear chic and laundry day desperation DAMIEN@COOLNE.WS
Matthew Knell31.87254826Work: VP Social & Community @aboutdotcom | Teach: @paceuniversity @NYUSCPS | Love: #cmmeetup @mets @indycar | Before: @aol @cafemom @mtv @jetblue | MY views.
Jeff Cutler31.79535186Communications pro, keynoter, trainer. Journalist covering technology, food, travel and lifestyle. Enjoy content marketing, photography, beer and sarcasm.
Nick Cicero30.92738423Digital Strategist | Editor @socialfresh | Music Industry Consultant | Jazz Trumpeter, Music Producer | @SyracuseU Grad | Love Life
Neal Mann29.76057919Multimedia Innovations Editor at The Wall Street Journal. Mixing news, photography, music & surfing on Twitter since 2009. Visiting Fellow @SheffieldUni.
Len Kendall29.71768699CoFounder of CentUp (Get paid for your content. Raise money for charity). Expert at Nothing. Loves @itsKatieKendall.
Lindsey Weber29.14015637Associate Editor at New York Magazine's Vulture. The words here are my own & do not reflect the opinions of Matthew Perry or my employers.
David Armano29.05678314Global Strategy Director @Edelmandigital. Intrapreneur, dad, hubby to @msarmano, contributor @harvardbiz, co-founder #Allhat, Harley rider & imperfect soul
Chris Pirillo28.94908368Geek Culture Cultivator & Lifestyle Enabler. Educator, Entertainer, Entrepreneur. Expert in being myself. /
Alejandra Owens28.18574629I blog. I eat. I blog about what I eat. #AARPSocial Comms team. Arizona gal (Bear down!). Thoughts are my own, but, duh.
Rick Bakas28.11402279Husband � New Dad � Connector � Sommelier � Traveller � Former NIKE brand guy � Dir of Mktg at @34Commerce/@PressPay
William Goss27.74572203Movies. Puns. Probably overthinking it.
Tyler, The Creator26.87200305I WANT WARM FUPA
Craig Newmark26.78534947customer service rep & founder for craigslist & craigconnects. Media inquiries please email:
Rachael King26.36832212Social, PR & influence-y things @Sidecar. Cooks with whiskey often. Loathes leggings as pants and bad tippers. I am not a glutton; I am an explorer of food.
Kris Williamson26.03964737All things #SXSW. Probably not this perky in real life.
Chance The Rapper25.02803872 For Info: Booking: PR:
Mark Schaefer24.74789375Chieftain of the blog {grow} and social media bouncer. Consultant, educator, podcaster, author of Return On Influence, Born to Blog, and The Tao of Twitter.
Robert Scoble24.72959211@Rackspace's Startup Liaison Officer, who grew up in Silicon Valley, brings you technology news, videos, and opinions.
Danny Brown23.96928744For booking - Goliath Artists Management -
Kelly Hoey23.83415769Invest In The Change You Want To See. Founder @WIMAccelerator Board Member @GlimpseLabs
Jeff Jarvis23.2214127@BuzzMachine blogger and j-school prof; author of Public Parts, What Would Google Do?
Alyssa Rosenberg23.19020734Current: Features Editor at @ThinkProgress. Soon: @PostOpinions. Member of the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare. Tweets are mine alone.
Mike Schneider22.95923154vp of marketing @SkyhookWireless, attacking midfielder, purveyor of awesome
Andrew Hyde22.71628698Stay at home bartender. Travel guides. Get your travel guides:
Patrick B. Johnson22.33977346One day I'll own a bakery and go out of business cause I'll eat all the product.
Tristan Walker22.05247001founder & ceo of walker & company brands (our first brand @bevel). chairman @CODE2040. i do some other stuff too.
Glenn Greenwald21.89255448Journalist with @The_Intercept - author, With Liberty & Justice for Some - dog/animal fanatic - email/PGP public key (
Cindy Gallop21.78179238I like to blow shit up. I am the Michael Bay of business.
Chris Yates21.75613617Video Content Creator + Social Media 4 Brands-Bud Light, Verizon & Maui Jim, Sports Biz, Emmy Winner, Intercepted Heisman Winner, in Movie w/ Robert Downey Jr.
Jon Swartz21.37511382San Francisco bureau chief for USA Today, S.F. Giants fan, sucker for British rock and the Boss, and devotee of Saul Bellow.
Patrick Pho21.22644466Producer at @VW. Social Media Miley Cyrus. Gen-Y Blogger. Enthusiastic Vlogger. YouTube Partner. Theatre Critic at @WeLoveDC. Opinions are his.
Laura Fitton20.87019539Deeply silly. Fiercely optimistic. Inbound Marketing Evangelist, @HubSpot. priors: @oneforty | Twitter for @Dummies | #beonfire. wobbly but i don't fall down.
Omar L. Gallaga20.79270926@Statesman tech culture writer, formerly on NPR's All Tech Considered. Work blog: New podcast at: Likes warm hugs.
Hugh MacLeod20.77666866Cartoonist. Motivational Art For Smart People. Clients: Rackspace, Roche, Intel, Hubspot, HP, Cisco, Microsoft etc.
Dave Peck20.44624097Global Head of Social Media at @PayPal. Geek, pop culture nut, husband and father of 5... Yes, 5.
Andy Cohen20.18192642Tweet Andy questions for Watch What Happens Live guests. Follow him on Instagram - @bravoandy
Robert Hernandez20.00917238@USCAnnenberg Profe MacGyvering digi journalism. #wjchat @ONA @NAHJ #HorizontalLoyalty #JustAMinorThreat #withpurpose // I live sweat, but I dream light years.
Jason Falls19.82333956Founder and smartass in residence at Social Media Explorer. Husband, Father, Author, Humorist. Not safe for the easily offended.
Austin Kleon19.30364923I make art with words and books with pictures. Author of STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST, NEWSPAPER BLACKOUT, and SHOW YOUR WORK!
Jenna Golden19.09663796Washingtonian, work @Twitter, food blogger for @EatDrinkMore. Lover of food, wine, restaurants, & travel. #GOBLUE
DJ Waldow19.01039Digital Marketing Evangelist @Marketo | U of Michigan | Co-host of The #WorkTalkShow podcast - | Lover of beer, coffee, & people
Jeremiah Owyang18.25593946Chief Catalyst, Founder
Melissa Pierce18.19552599The only thing I ever wanted to be an expert at was learning new things
Big Boi17.98227816#Outkast20
Josh Halliday17.97217067News reporter at the Guardian. No opinions. Leeds fan from Bradford
Erik Davis17.46247867Managing Editor, Contributing Editor, Fandango. Formerly of I write about movies. I like pizza.
Anthony Cain17.25202636Gotham City Digital Guy. Tweets Are My Own.
Brett Petersel17.24891394digital/social at a dot com; cofounder, @thecmgr; author; advisor; hubby; prev @tnw @mashable; loves depeche mode, horror films, karaoke, running, music
Dave McClure17.00640998Geeks, Entrepreneurs, Startups -- The Internet Revolution. Founding Partner & Part-Time Sith Lord, @500Startups.
Tim Jahn16.90553127Co-founder of @matchist & @EntUnpluggd
Kat Meyer16.37968044Champion of storytelling in all forms + formats; Program Director CONTEC - Frankfurt Book Fair; Heart biggest: all my bookish-techy tweeps!
Michael Yavonditte16.3626926CEO@YieldMo, Was CEO of Quigo for 5+ yrs. and sold to AOL in 2007. Angel investor in Meetup, Flurry and 100+companies
Liza Sperling16.20037762Alpha girl, forever in beta. Evangelist & Business Development @ClearSlide, three time acquiree & startup advisor.
Brian A. Hernandez16.05821433My eyes are locked on music, TV, movies, celebs, games, sports and social media as @Mashable's Associate Entertainment Editor.
Wiz Khalifa16.00892474Taylor Gang/Rostrum Records
Meredith Fineman16.0024757CEO at FinePoint Digital PR, Writer at Dry humor, conditioned hair. Formerly @TheFFJD.
Elysa Ellis15.99573175Professional Geek Girl ~ INTJ ~ PR friendly blogger / Editor @GenPink & @DallasFoodNerd ~ travels w/ more chargers than shoes ~ elysa@genpink
Kevin Smokler15.95237278Author of the essay collection Practical Classics (2013). Working on a book about 80s movies. Michigan born, California adopted.
Eric D. Snider15.78264869Freelance film journalist, comedy writer, bon vivant, man about town. I'll write for you!
Rick Turoczy15.75894211Founder @siliconflorist. Cofounder @PIEpdx @orstoryboard @meetthestartup @TFNW. More than mildly obsessed with Portland, Oregon, startups
Kate Buck Jr.15.75124829Social Media Manager & Fly Girl. Lover of coffee, shoes & football. Choreographer. *STREAMING LIVE from my brain to your browser.
Twanna A. Hines15.61842146Award-winning educator and @MetroNewYork sex columnist with appearances on CNN, NPR, Sirius, and CBC. Loves #MUFC. Speaks Dutch. FUNKY BROWN CHICK�
Dana Brunetti15.56976975Producer
Jeff Willinger15.46071336A character w/ character-Social Computing, Portals, Intranets, SharePoint-E2.0, Pres SMCChicago, SocBiz-Tennis-Speaker-Influencer-70.3-26.2-Blackhawks-lifelover
Alexis Ohanian15.31043832Make the world suck less: @reddit @breadpig @thehipmunk @YCombinator. Investor, speaker, host of Small Empires, author of bestseller Without Their Permission
Heather Gold15.30043926Writer/Performer. Speaker. CBC Contributor. OG web. One of
Sarah Evans15.09032944Digital correspondent for brands, like @PayPal @CoxComm @ShortyAwards @iamangelfdn & more. Writer at @favesco. 224.789.8314
Mike Merrill 14.88343646Mike Merrill is an Enterprise Account Executive at @Salesforce @ExactTarget @MarketingCloud, Professional Speaker, Founder @SMCDallas, Chief Bacon Maker __
Cameron - I post unofficial SXSW parties, showcases, news, rumors, all that stuff.
David Carr14.56510638David Carr, Media Equation column, blogs @ Decoder, covers pop culture at NYTimes. Tweets hi-low, news, whatnot. Author: Night of the Gun.
Katie Morse14.53202447Music lover. Former #DnB DJ. Traveler. Bookworm. Romantic. Nerd. #Keto. #Wolfpack. Social Media at @billboard. Writer at @KickKickSnare. Opinions = mine
Jay Rosen 14.51438179I teach journalism at NYU, direct the Studio 20 program there, critique the press and try to understand digital media. I'm also an adviser to First Look Media.
Courtney Boyd Myers14.40773956Founder of @audienceio. Curates @hustleandkale + @3460Miles. Writer @TheNextWeb, @thedailybeast + @WiredUK. Member of @Summit & @TheList.
Kat Mandelstein14.32465175Music Lover, Global Citizen, Digital Native, #FutureofWork, #Vegan, @SocialMediaClub BOD, @SMCAustin, @PwCAdvisory, Former @IBMSoftware Exec OPINIONS=OWN
Regina Twine14.22967243My hugs have made me friends and 1 enemy so far. Raleigh, NC is my playground and dancehall. Customer service rocks my world.
Dylan Boyd14.07131434Strategic Growth Advisor for nimble and fast companies + Managing Director @TechStars building Partner Accelerators with (Nike+/R/GA/Sprint/Barclays)
Nick Disabato13.86494733designer & writer
Raymond Flotat13.73207264all that matters in music --- local: @mxdwn_nyc @mxdwn_atx @mxdwn_LA @mxdwn_SF @mxdwn_PHL @mxdwn_chi entertainment: @mxdwnmovies @mxdwngames @mxdwntelevision
Molly Crabapple13.64961118Artist. Writing book, DRAWING BLOOD, for Harper Collins. VICE columnist. Words: NY Times, Paris Review, CNN, Guardian, Newsweek. PGP
Alexia Tsotsis13.45162779Co-Editor at TechCrunch. Breaks news, hearts.
Dennis Crowley13.43067473I like snowboards, foursquare and unemployment.
Cami Kaos13.33776099Inquisitive, quirky, parental, boot loving, geeky, portland girl. Dot Organizer at Automattic. Hi there.
Audrey Watters13.1956658education writer, recovering academic, serial dropout, part-time badass, author of Teaching Machines (coming soon)
MG Siegler13.17405344Partner @GoogleVentures. A man of few words. Except when writing.
Walter Schwabe12.88801242Founder fusedlogic/Executive Producer fusedlogic.TV, keynote speaker, aspiring author, golfing hack, proud dad, motorcyclist.
Jeffrey Zeldman12.85379776Founder, Happy Cog� studios. Author, Designing With Web Standards. Publisher, A List Apart, A Book Apart. Co-founder, An Event Apart. Host, Big Web Show.
Sydney Owen Williams12.78183788Unfiltered = my blog & approach to life. Love: veggies, skydiving, sunshine, and smiling. And unicorns.
Marshall Kirkpatrick12.73032036CEO of @GetLittleBird: we make Twitter useful for businesses. (and more!)
Charlie Jane Anders12.69165596Blogger, writer, satirist, editor, crazay girl
Shireen Mitchell12.67774989speaker, founder, thought igniter in media, tech & politics; Investigator of the #UnusalSuspects~Geekette Grad '84~ 1st White House Tweetup Attendee
Hiten Shah12.67601843Started two SaaS companies, @CrazyEgg and @KISSmetrics with @NeilPatel. One is self-funded & the other is venture backed. I also advise and invest.
Paul Boag12.46919614A dad, blogger, author, speaker, christian, husband, entrepreneur, boss, geek, optimist, web designer, hypocrite, digital strategist and podcaster.
Susan Beebe12.37381258Global Social Media @TysonFoods. Board Member @Champions4Kids #Strategy #Communications #PR #socialmedia #community #startups Former @Dell These words are mine
Kira Siddall12.28860992World traveler. Lover of: awesome things, the internet, #RVA, dance parties, cocktails and delicious food. Digital Communication Strategists & SMCRVA cofounder.
Damon Clinkscales12.25239068Cultivator.
Andrew Wilkes-Krier12.25141295THE KING OF PARTYING. Write to Andrew here:
Alexander Taub12.10732105Building @SocialRank w/ @baconseason. Previously Business Development and Partnerships at @Dwolla & @Aviary. Forbes Contributor. @LizTaub is my better half.
Karen Comas12.09373029Strategic Partnerships @Facebook. Formerly Social@Telemundo. Peruvian/Cuban/Italian.
Esteban Contreras11.88316622Director of Strategy @Sprinklr Author SOCIAL STATE. Ex Samsung @SamsungTweets. Curate All Things. 3 @somerlea.
Taryn Pisaneschi11.81034546Palm Beach Real Estate Agent, tarynsellspalmbeach(dot)com, Speaker (New Media Expo, BlogHer) Founder WIN� Women Intelligently Networking snowboarder Mom
Daniel Carlson11.75480074My friends say I'm skeptical, but I don't believe them.
Ekaterina Walter11.66456599Co-founder & CMO @BRANDERATI | Author: WSJ bestseller Think Like Zuck, and The Power of Visual Storytelling | Speaker | Connector | I tweet w/European accent
Jonathan Gottfried11.61351539I'm a Developer Evangelist @twilio, Pro Glasshole, co-founder of @hackerunion, and National Director @thestartupbus - I empower people to build awesome things
Darla Krusee11.49353207Reformed nomad, digital geek, kettlebeller, glassblower, burger lover and Howard Stern fan. Life's been good to me so far.
David Sackllah11.33832897Writes about music for @thedailytexan & @_brainburner. Helps out at @kvrx. Former intern at @do512. That guy at the party who always puts on Ignition (Remix).
Nick Finck11.33636291Senior Manager of User Experience at Amazon Web Services. Int'l speaker, IXDA Champion, & Webby judge. Formerly: Digital Web Mag, Blue Flavor, & WASP Curriculum
Mike Issac11.33452154All DMs accepted.
Rachel Weidinger11.32683669Personal words from an artist and world maker. Food, ocean, tech, art, nonprofit, big data, the earth & the trustworthy. I captain the good ship @upwell.
Renee Gallifrey11.2669372designer/artist/maker for @roboroku. lover of art, design, handmade, music, and doctor who. blogger for this creative life and a cute connoisseur.
Patton Oswalt11.22069239Mr. Oswalt is a former wedding deejay from Northern Virginia.
Chris Saad11.21376599Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer @EchoEnabled. Into Software platforms, Future of Media, Great TV, Movies & Politics.
Saul Colt11.21216203Mayor of Twitter, Smartest Man in the World, The Internet's Head of Magic (R) and graduate of the Handsome Boy Modeling School.
Nicole Forbes11.05791711Futurist � Traveler � Yogini � Truffle Hunter � Rap Karaoker w/Ninja Skills in Art Of Mom � _ � StartUps � Tech � Mrkg � Wearables � SXSW #TechOffYourClothes
Brandon Chesnutt11.04458038Social Media Director at @identitypr. @startupweekend Detroit organizer & facilitator. Member of @CrainsDetroit's 20 in their 20's. Gamer. Geek.
Roger Erik Tinch10.95360453Father and husband. Designer and developer for @drafthouse @drafthousefilms @badassdigest. Freelancer at and curator at @reelizer. (Whew!)
Shelli Whitehurst10.93380529CEO & Digital Thinker, Creator, Maker. Founder of @thesocialistco - the global marketplace for words and pictures. NYC/MEL
Dr. William J. Ward10.73006556Social Media Professor in @NewhouseSU @SyracuseU - Digital, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Journalism, Higher Ed, Innovation, @GoogleGlass Explorer
Nilofer Merchant10.58370203The Future is not created, it's co-created. @Thinkers50 Future Thinker Award Winner. TED2013 Speaker. @HarvardBiz writer. Bestselling author #SocialEra.
Tyler Oakley10.58317965I make videos. Here's my newest one:
Tim Hayden10.39859097Business strategist, empowering progress in the age of mobility. Husband, Dad, Son & Friend to more humans than robots. Consult. Invest. #whyaustin
Nicole Hering10.39463524sr. planner @tbwa | @360i alum | outdoorsy type | #skiallday | grey eyes | knicks//giants//cuse | searching for my lost shaker of salt
Nate Angell10.38771092Doorman leading growth @getLittleBird. Social business wangateur. Raised by wolves. Friend to cheese. #socbiz #growthhacking #education #culturalstudies
Snook10.34856442Web designer, developer, speaker, writer, and now product manager. I wrote SMACSS. I work at Shopify.
Derek Peplau10.34692429Husband, proud dad & social product marketer @Acquia. Photographer, indie music fundamentalist & Red Sox fan since before it was fashionable.
Jim Storer10.30864033Experienced community mgr & social media strategist. Founder @TheCR. Devoted dad, runner, golfer, BBQ addict, craft beer geek & amateur photographer.
Kate Brodock10.29334349Prez @GirlsinTech *Dir & Prof @NewhouseSU *@Forbes *@FletcherSchool @EmoryGoizueta & @UofR grad *socialmedia, tech, startups, hilariousness, bubbly, brews, life
Robert Banh10.29326428Developer. I build webapps for breakfast.
Joe Gizzi10.14689446Strategy Director for entertainment, tech & travel @MXMtweets; documenting life as an environmentalist, adventurer, unabashed liberal, art & music geek
Jolie O'Dell10.1116996VentureBeat managing editor. Highly suspicious.
Natanya Anderson10.09162414Dir. Social Media @WholeFoods, Past-President, Austin Food Blogger Alliance, ATX food blogger, mom, dragon rider, runner.
Tom Colicchio10.03120778Chef/ food activist, fishing fanatic father to three
Kety Maria Esquivel9.921413132Principal Esquivel McCarson Consulting | TEDx Convener | Published Author | TV Commentator | Ivy League Graduate | Entrepreneur | Creative | Explorer
Earl9.912483133ANTI GOLF BOYS 14 FA SK8 FUCKS
Kara DeFrias9.8837130172nd grade report card�'Kara likes to talk. A lot.' � Intuit PR/UX � Fmr White House Innovation Fellow � Loved cheese, TEDx & Broadway � #NoKillSwitchOnAwesome
Summer Boone9.765274819Wife | #Marketing | love @cbglades | iPhone addict | sushi fan | walking contradiction | curious mind | #fitness | sarcastic #Seinfeld freak |
Jemima Kiss9.596193083Head of technology at the Guardian / child wrangler. PGP: 0XF87DA69E
Ethan Brown9.546020961Makers of delicious plant-based meats. Sharers of recipes. Re-tweeters of food photos. Emily/Justin holding it down. #NonGMO #GlutenFree #Kosher
Jen Grant9.544870005Digital marketing for @WaggenerEdstrom. CrossFit Addict. Greek-Irish. Traveler. Love me some red wine, dirt roads + horses.
Amber Rae9.49510615creative catalyst. writer+explorer. inspiring creatives + entrepreneurs to use intuition, ritual + heart to pursue their life's work. let's come alive together.
Beth Carpenter9.493647224Texan. Social communications at @AARP (#AARPSocial for biz talk) & graduate of @mojonews. Everything is a design problem.
Andrew A. McNeill9.3492753192006 Time Magazine Person of the Year. Texas forever.
Christine Allen9.264356041The girl formerly known as Christine Major, @NetSuite PR for Retail/Ecommerce, @NHTweetUp, #digitalports, Mother of 2, stepmom to 3. #chaotic7 #blendedfamily
Nisha Chittal9.11506408Social media content editor, @msnbc. News junkie, feminist, lover of brunch, wine bars, tapas. Opinions my own.
Doug Meacham9.033081606SMCRVA founder,Sr Retail Strategist with Crossview, Customer Exp Junkie, Karaoke Singer. Spewing useless stuff in under 140 chars since Mar 07
KT Wall8.951193626Carolina in my mind. Georgia on my mind. New York state of mind. Catch me in #NYC...for now ;)
Margot Bloomstein8.927263811Appropriate, Inc. brand and content strategist; author of Content Strategy at Work: Dog lover.
Felicia Day8.903155301Actress, New Media Geek, Gamer, Misanthrope. I like to keep my Tweets real and not waste people's time.
Megan Berry8.887550825Head of Consumer @RebelMouse. Previously led community @Klout. Stanford grad. Tea addict.
Ryan Sarver8.879047875Partner at @redpointvc. Previously, Director of Platform at Twitter. Partner at @AltaCAsf. DET/BOS export. Over-the-hill hockey player. @devon's lesser half
Ali Spagnola8.840581263Drinking composer with a music problem | Created the Shot Glass USB + Power Hour Concerts: | PARTY. Let's be pals!
Dan Berger8.807714939CEO of @socialtables, #eventprofs, jet setter, dance music, @Leroy_Berger's daddy, Israeli, NYer, @msbgu, #dctech, #500strong. Every day is a school day.
John Muehlbauer8.724526608I love music. I love video games. I love making you laugh. I love food. I love that face you make when you laugh. I like you.
Rich Tucker8.639497397Cruise Geek - Social Media Strategist & Tactician. Facebook Marketing Pro.
Mark Suster8.5563312382x entrepreneur. Sold both companies (last to Turned VC looking to invest in passionate entrepreneurs
Pedro Sorrentino8.489979681Entrepreneur. BizDev & Latam @sendgrid. Coffee, Fitness, F1 and buddhism. 1% better everyday. Songs I've been listening =
Kristin Sheppard8.448544393Kristin Sheppard, copywriter, branding strategist, and blogger in Austin, TX. Loves coffee, wine and pop culture. Married to the adorable @crafttaste.
Melissa Gira Grant8.422751439Sex, rights, the internet, in the streets & elsewhere. The Nation, Guardian. Author, Playing The Whore: The Work of Sex Work (Verso) //
Luis Benitez8.305883849IBM Sr. Social Software Product Manager, Social Business & social media enthusiast. Hobby pilot. Hate toxic toys. Tweets are my own.
Stacey Monk8.294931792Girl with a wide-open hopeful heart. Mad scientist behind social good experiments like @EpicChange, #ToMamaWithLove, #EpicThanks, #TweetsGiving & #TwitterKids.
Mary Catherine 8.286999089Director of Social Media at @CNBC. I tweet about media, music & my coffee obsession. Email:
Zena Weist8.271236793Integrated media strategist, connector, wife, mom, @UnboundIntl sponsor, autism awareness advocate, Guinness, wine and chocolate devourer, therefore I run.
Michael Pace8.252768875@ the intersection of Cust. Service, Social, BPM & Innovation. BOD for @NECCF, Mega-Dad, MovemberMan - Principal of The Pace of Service LLC. All my own opinions
Jill Filipovic8.215985821Writer. Lawyer. Eater. @GuardianUS columnist. @Feministe blogger. @AtsbyVermouth pusher.
Merici Vinton8.194164789@adaslist founder | now: @OIEngine @ IDEO | obama digital alum ('08) | tech @cfpb | meow | unicorns | there's no rule that says you can't rewrite all the rules
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