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This view shows the Top 500 by the age of their Twitter Account. It's an interesting indicator of how long they have been on Twitter. Naturally, @biz and @ev are the top two. 

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Ev Williams3Here2905
Biz Stone7Co-founder of Twitter Inc., Co-founder and CEO of Jelly, Inc.2905
Kevin Systrom117ceo & cofounder at instagram2805
Dennis Crowley13I like snowboards, foursquare and unemployment.2799
Dave McClure8Geeks, Entrepreneurs, Startups -- The Internet Revolution. Founding Partner & Part-Time Sith Lord, @500Startups.2789
Brett Petersel27digital/social at a dot com; cofounder, @thecmgr; author; advisor; hubby; prev @tnw @mashable; loves depeche mode, horror films, karaoke, running, music2779
Hiten Shah41Started two SaaS companies, @CrazyEgg and @KISSmetrics with @NeilPatel. One is self-funded & the other is venture backed. I also advise and invest.2775
George Kelly236Online coordinator @CCTimes @insidebayarea, freelance @negrophile, @weareundoredo @saintandkings singer, dude with @notherethere. 1 510 488 31222765
Chris Brogan11Publisher, Owner Magazine (http://t.co/wmRbE08IQK) More? http://t.co/oJI9Ssy7wh contact: http://t.co/CZ3uwGfxzh2688
Brian Solis4http://t.co/NTX8aUxFon2677
C.C. Chapman16CMO of @YSN_Global - Author of Content Rules and Amazing Things Will Happen - Nicest Guy On the Internet2666
Snook332Web designer, developer, speaker, writer, and now product manager. I wrote SMACSS. I work at Shopify.2666
Josh Williams92Obsession / Sublimity / Leisure / Focus2666
Derek Featherstone288Web Designer. UX. Accessibility. Speaker & Teacher. IronMan Finisher 07,09,10. Work @SAteaches. I'd love for you to say hi :)2666
Paul Boag296A dad, blogger, author, speaker, christian, husband, entrepreneur, boss, geek, optimist, web designer, hypocrite, digital strategist and podcaster.2664
Robert Scoble1@Rackspace's Startup Liaison Officer, who grew up in Silicon Valley, brings you technology news, videos, and opinions.2661
Cameron Moll254Founder of @authenticjobs, and maker of @typestructures. Designer, Speaker, Author, Husband, Dad, LDS.2650
Lee Dale402Work @yousayyeah Play @ineedsugar DJ @nathan416 Give @hohoto Gather @patiofriday2647
Scott Kveton289Entrepreneur, bacon lover, proud father and airshiper. http://t.co/PnzRuhnf2646
Kevin Smokler235Author of the essay collection Practical Classics (2013). Working on a book about 80s movies. Michigan born, California adopted.2645
Nick Finck317Senior Manager of User Experience at Amazon Web Services. Int'l speaker, IXDA Champion, & Webby judge. Formerly: Digital Web Mag, Blue Flavor, & WASP Curriculum2645
Hugh MacLeod43Cartoonist. Motivational Art For Smart People. Clients: Rackspace, Roche, Intel, Hubspot, HP, Cisco, Microsoft etc. gapingvoid@gmail.com2643
Jeffrey Zeldman79Founder, Happy Cog� studios. Author, Designing With Web Standards. Publisher, A List Apart, A Book Apart. Co-founder, An Event Apart. Host, Big Web Show.2639
Melissa Gira Grant271Sex, rights, the internet, in the streets & elsewhere. The Nation, Guardian. Author, Playing The Whore: The Work of Sex Work (Verso) // mgg@melissagiragrant.com2634
Jeremiah Owyang5Chief Catalyst, Founder http://t.co/JuZCtoyZ6c2632
Jemima Kiss258Head of technology at the Guardian / child wrangler. PGP: 0XF87DA69E2631
Werner Vogels163CTO @ Amazon2630
Jack Cheng418Writer. Author of These Days, a novel about glowing rectangles and the people on either side.2629
Britt Selvitelle224Training for adventure and science. Tea slut. Rear View Mirror: Obama Engineering, Twitter Founding Engineer, http://t.co/vwnEI46Y2a Co-Founder.2623
Jarod Neece277producer & senior programmer @sxsw, editor @tacojournalism & co-writer of Austin Breakfast Tacos: The Story of the Most Important Taco of the Day2612
Kestrin Pantera409I wrote & directed a movie called Let's Ruin It With Babies & got knocked up mid-production. FYI, Filmmaking is harder than childbirth. http://t.co/CRaWUnsbkH2605
Roger Erik Tinch346Father and husband. Designer and developer for @drafthouse @drafthousefilms @badassdigest. Freelancer at tinch.co and curator at @reelizer. (Whew!)2603
MG Siegler21Partner @GoogleVentures. A man of few words. Except when writing.2603
Mark Trammell120Mark. Young ragamuffin from the streets. French duke lying about in hammocks eating soft cheese. Chimney sweep. Friend of Tom. Twttr & Obama HQ in my rearview.2601
Heather Gold155Writer/Performer. Speaker. CBC Contributor. OG web. One of http://t.co/l470r0r9Tc2599
Chris Saad136Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer @EchoEnabled. Into Software platforms, Future of Media, Great TV, Movies & Politics.2598
Joi Ito42Director, MIT Media Lab2596
Dario Meli226co-founder @quietlyapp @hootsuite, @invoke. i'm sparkly, very sparkly.2592
Naval Ravikant106Co-founder AngelList � Founder Epinions, Vast � Author Startupboy, Venture Hacks � Investor Twitter, Uber, Yammer, Postmates, Wanelo, Flipagram2588
Akshay Dodeja366Web Product at @LiveNationLabs. Co-founder of @Picplum (YC S11) and @Mugasha. Dance music enthusiast.2584
David Armano14Global Strategy Director @Edelmandigital. Intrapreneur, dad, hubby to @msarmano, contributor @harvardbiz, co-founder #Allhat, Harley rider & imperfect soul2583
Damon Clinkscales212Cultivator.2582
Annalee Newitz335Writer, nerd, prognosticator. Slightly unusual. Editor-in-chief of io9. Author of Scatter, Adapt and Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction.2582
Chris Pirillo87Geek Culture Cultivator & Lifestyle Enabler. Educator, Entertainer, Entrepreneur. Expert in being myself. http://t.co/PXV2Pq9a8A / chris@pirillo.com2582
Jenn Vargas429enabling awesomeness @accomplshco. product manager. builder of things. geek of all trades.2581
Lila King278HLN dreamer/doer, Southerner, lover of sequins and a good yarn2581
Ice Cream Man376Slingin' the Cream, Livin' the Dream!2573
Dave Peck38Global Head of Social Media at @PayPal. Geek, pop culture nut, husband and father of 5... Yes, 5.2569
Kevin M. Hoffman388Information architect. Facilitator. International speaker on meetings. Collaborator. Dad. Goofball. Founder @7headsdesign. Bad at sentences.2569
Zeb Dropkin263Founder @RentHackr, bringing transparency to apt rentals. Love NYC, startups, life hacking, design, tech, good coffee + great friends. Member @foundersnetwork2569
Patrick Ewing268It doesn't stop because you leave.2565
Ryan Sarver65Partner at @redpointvc. Previously, Director of Platform at Twitter. Partner at @AltaCAsf. DET/BOS export. Over-the-hill hockey player. @devon's lesser half2563
Ryan Holmes110CEO @hootsuite, Founder @invoke. I like social, startups, grownups, cycling, am learning to walk on hands and addicted to yoga. #BSU.2556
Alexis Ohanian49Make the world suck less: @reddit @breadpig @thehipmunk @YCombinator. Investor, speaker, host of Small Empires, author of bestseller Without Their Permission2556
Aleks Krotoski415Author (Untangling the Web http://t.co/iFMbBUyt2I), Research (LSE), Radio (#digihuman http://t.co/6Qn0LE4kRK), Podcast (@guardiantw). I tweet, therefore I am.2555
Kipp Bodnar94Inbound Marketing @HubSpot. Co-Author of The B2B Social Media Book (http://t.co/t36xZN1U45). Founded http://t.co/kyA58QhbtI (@smb2b)2555
Peter Fasano148SVP, Social@Ogilvy Atlanta. Interest in marketing strategy, pop culture, EV's & taquerias. Views are mine | #SocBiz #SMM #Glass #LATISM #SFGiants #FamilyTime2554
Saul Colt66Mayor of Twitter, Smartest Man in the World, The Internet's Head of Magic (R) and graduate of the Handsome Boy Modeling School.2554
Marshall Kirkpatrick17CEO of @GetLittleBird: we make Twitter useful for businesses. (and more!)2554
Adam DuVander295If you're doing anything creative with technology, I want to know you. Developer Communications Director, @SendGrid. Author, Map Scripting 101.2554
Alex Jones337Fire starter, user experience infused product leader for email, mobile & Web apps, Refresh Austin ringleader, barbecue acolyte and infojunkie.2552
Andrew Hyde71Stay at home bartender. Travel guides. Get your travel guides: http://t.co/eCI3EHAxt52552
Lisa Williams279Fairy godmother for investigative journalists at @INN. Rearview: Knight News Challenge Winner, MIT Media Lab Fellow. Dataviz tutorials: http://t.co/bphnesxKTQ2552
Doug Meacham192SMCRVA founder,Sr Retail Strategist with Crossview, Customer Exp Junkie, Karaoke Singer. Spewing useless stuff in under 140 chars since Mar 072551
Aaron Levie50Lead Magician (and CEO) at Box (@boxHQ); Huge ABBA fan. I don't fully endorse anything I say below. Go _2550
Michael S Galpert146Working on @superdotcc http://t.co/QQ8k8wVcYS let me know what u think :) cofounded @Aviary & love to dance2550
James Keller370pillow fort architect. accidental entrepreneur. designer of micro digital moments & wrangler of designy-type people. five whole feet of fury.2550
Bruce Sterling168one of the better-known Bruce Sterlings2548
Mike Prasad161Entrepreneur, Culture Hacker, Speaker, Startup Consultant Technologist. Creator of the original twittering food truck, a cocktail week, bitters company & more.2548
Omar L. Gallaga108@Statesman tech culture writer, formerly on NPR's All Tech Considered. Work blog: http://t.co/30nM9seWI0 New podcast at: http://t.co/BuGXmpUMur Likes warm hugs.2547
Sloane Davidson86Host of #givechat Thurs 5-6pm EST. Entrepreneur, writer, speaker. Author of the #GivingManifesto. Philanthropist. Farsighted. Weekly essays, sign up below!2545
Rick Turoczy162Founder @siliconflorist. Cofounder @PIEpdx @orstoryboard @meetthestartup @TFNW. More than mildly obsessed with Portland, Oregon, startups http://t.co/ut50smOjKg2544
Amanda Congdon363Mom to Winter James, CA Filmmaker, Co-Founder Vegan Mario's. We found THE spot. Our brick & mortar food biz will open this year in the Ojai Valley.2543
Jeff Cutler98Communications pro, keynoter, trainer. Journalist covering technology, food, travel and lifestyle. Enjoy content marketing, photography, beer and sarcasm.2539
Michael Barnes180Michael Barnes writes about Austin's people, places, culture and history for the Austin American-Statesman & http://t.co/Oys9DAEvWj.2539
Uwe Hook262German born, raised globally. At the intersection of media, advertising, social business and technology. Goal: Change the world. And be a good person.2537
Steven Johnson118Writer. (eight books, most recently Future Perfect.) Web site creator (three companies, most recently outside.in.) Dad (three boys.)2536
Shaherose Charania185CEO of media company @Women2. Board of @GoodWorldTech. Lots of tech startup scars. Canadian. Bikram + Bhakti Yogini. #music #enchiladaverde #sushi luver.2530
Cheryl Contee202social media for social good - Partner/Co-Founder at http://t.co/L9ZYitsY & Attentive.ly; Publisher (as Jill Tubman) at http://t.co/HbbYaCjg2526
Laura Fitton6Deeply silly. Fiercely optimistic. Inbound Marketing Evangelist, @HubSpot. priors: @oneforty | Twitter for @Dummies | #beonfire. wobbly but i don't fall down.2525
Dan Zarrella72HubSpot's Social Media Scientist.2524
Nate Angell309Doorman leading growth @getLittleBird. Social business wangateur. Raised by wolves. Friend to cheese. #socbiz #growthhacking #education #culturalstudies2522
Dean McBeth176New parent with @alliemcbeth, Group Director @W2OGroup, out-of-shape cyclist, former coast-dweller living in Texas. Own my opinions. In that order, maybe.2520
Toby Daniels132runner of marathons, new york based co-founder & ceo of crowdcentric & founder & executive director of social media week.2507
Jesse Engle153Husband to @leighengle. Dad to Alex, Jon, Nick. Internet entrepreneur & investor. Co-founded @Seesaw, @Everlapse & @CoTweet. @HaitiPartners board member.2504
Mark Suster312x entrepreneur. Sold both companies (last to http://t.co/Q4dBn3Ye). Turned VC looking to invest in passionate entrepreneurs2504
Jim Storer62Experienced community mgr & social media strategist. Founder @TheCR. Devoted dad, runner, golfer, BBQ addict, craft beer geek & amateur photographer.2500
Mark Hatch420CEO TechShop2499
Gary Vaynerchuk2Family 1st! but after that, Businessman. Just a dude that Loves the Hustle, People & the @NYJets. CEO of @vaynermedia. Tasted wine for years at @winelibrary2496
Jeff Meltz478Photographer & semi-professional pizza enthusiast. RTs are either endorsements or should've been subtweets. holler: jeff@thecultureofme.com2488
Clay Shirky9Bald. Unreliable. Easily distracte2482
Dick Costolo15CEO at Twitter2472
Jen Consalvo99COO of @techcocktail founder of product @thankfulfor coproducer of @DCWEEK. photo buff. chronic case of wanderlust. Proud to be part of http://t.co/Ehl59kwbKQ2466
Nadia282Digital Strategist, operator of a Media Center in Africa. Holding a glass of bourbon, clutching a passport. Strategic accounts @hootsuite, @invoke, @memelabs.2454
Greg Gunn313VP of Beards & Business Development @HootSuite. Hit me up if you want to chat about partnerships, integrations, basketball or bourbon.2443
Morgan Missen124FOLLOWS YOU | Self-parody account of Morgan Missen. Founded @main, former recruiter to the stars at @foursquare, @google and @twitter.2442
Christian Payne190Mobile storymaking | running workshops | talking tech. Used to be a shepherd.2441
Daniel Carlson436My friends say I'm skeptical, but I don't believe them.2423
Benjamin Palmer405advertising, art, adventures @barbariangroup @empiremayo @adcglobal @thekitchen_NYC2419
Dylan Boyd240Strategic Growth Advisor for nimble and fast companies + Managing Director @TechStars building Partner Accelerators with (Nike+/R/GA/Sprint/Barclays)2413
Eli Pariser213Brooklynite and Mainer, Simon's Rock alum, author of The Filter Bubble, and co-founder of @Upworthy2408
Steve Broback204Host of Dent Sun Valley and the the Tweet House events at CES & SXSW. Sun Valley skiier and Woodinville wino.2408
Felicia Day88Actress, New Media Geek, Gamer, Misanthrope. I like to keep my Tweets real and not waste people's time.2408
Jim Tobin194President: Ignite Social Media. Author of 2013's Earn It. Don't Buy It and 2008's Social Media is a Cocktail Party, both available in print and Kindle.2400
Twanna A. Hines312Award-winning educator and @MetroNewYork sex columnist with appearances on CNN, NPR, Sirius, and CBC. Loves #MUFC. Speaks Dutch. FUNKY BROWN CHICK�2399
Zena Weist48Integrated media strategist, connector, wife, mom, @UnboundIntl sponsor, autism awareness advocate, Guinness, wine and chocolate devourer, therefore I run.2395
Guy Kawasaki12Advises Motorola. Author of APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur. Former chief evangelist of Apple.2381
Cindy Gallop111I like to blow shit up. I am the Michael Bay of business.2374
Jessi Hempel177I write about the Internet for Fortune Magazine. I co-chair the Brainstorm Tech Conf. in Aspen. I want to know what people do on the web. http://t.co/lI9xvLHv7p2365
Jason Falls22Founder and smartass in residence at Social Media Explorer. Husband, Father, Author, Humorist. Not safe for the easily offended.2361
John Muehlbauer243I love music. I love video games. I love making you laugh. I love food. I love that face you make when you laugh. I like you.2353
Kate Brodock150Prez @GirlsinTech *Dir & Prof @NewhouseSU *@Forbes *@FletcherSchool @EmoryGoizueta & @UofR grad *socialmedia, tech, startups, hilariousness, bubbly, brews, life2348
Elysa Ellis82Professional Geek Girl ~ INTJ ~ PR friendly blogger / Editor @GenPink & @DallasFoodNerd ~ travels w/ more chargers than shoes ~ elysa@genpink2337
Jeff Gothelf386Designer, author of Lean UX book (http://t.co/dHUPGD6BWk), Speaker, Dad, Husband, Musician, @neo_innovation NYC2336
Nihal Mehta208mobile entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and friend.2335
Christopher Barger75SVP Global Digital @ PNConnect. Author of The Social Media Strategist. Not a ninja or Jedi. Perspectives and opinions are my own.2329
Shana Glickfield134Love all things DC proper, social media, activism, & entrepreneurship! Dean of @Awesome_DC. Board of @SafeShoresDC. Partner at @BeekeeperGroup.2325
Austin Kleon127I make art with words and books with pictures. Author of STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST, NEWSPAPER BLACKOUT, and SHOW YOUR WORK! http://t.co/VSJY4F9GeX2322
Christine Allen133The girl formerly known as Christine Major, @NetSuite PR for Retail/Ecommerce, @NHTweetUp, #digitalports, Mother of 2, stepmom to 3. #chaotic7 #blendedfamily2322
Travis Kalanick96Uber CEO. Serial entrepreneur.2320
Dave Cynkin175Co-Founder, CMO, Sleep Deprivationist & Thrill Seeker at BlogWorld, New Media Expo & TBEX, Dad, Runner, Skier & Boarder, Cyclist, MA Student, Foodie, Photo Geek2320
Len Kendall80CoFounder of CentUp (Get paid for your content. Raise money for charity). Expert at Nothing. Loves @itsKatieKendall.2311
Matt Thompson217Manager of Digital Initiatives (and Mischief) for NPR. Board member for Center for Public Integrity. Adjunct faculty at American University.2310
Heather Strout97Director of Product Marketing at Lithium, providing social customer experience. I also love to cook and eat local and organic when possible.2307
Jennie Lees355Making a dent in the universe. Former Googler, on new adventures in the world of data. Allegedly female. Expat Brit in SF - let's get tea.2305
Babette @ BakeSpace174Join us at #Techmunch Austin March 9 http://t.co/FPFmyCq7OC | Founder of http://t.co/FY2ttgUVL5 | #kitchenparty co-host (Thurs 5pm PT on G+)2301
Robert Duffy, Jr469Cofounder @emptygrowler and part of the lovely interactive team of @Guggenheim. Long live @donewaiting2288
Pete Cashmore64CEO and Founder of http://t.co/XlFrQdve. Professional account is @mashable2279
Joe Pulizzi113Founder, Content Marketing Institute (@CMIContent) and Content Marketing World #cmworld. Author, Epic Content Marketing. Obsessed about the color orange.2274
Emily Gannett167I plan events that take place in real life and bridge the digital and physical worlds. People say they�re fun. I run marathons & IRL Productions.2273
Allyson Kapin105Founder of Women Who Tech: A Telesummit for Women in Tech in the non-profit and political campaign world. And Founder of Rad Campaign http://t.co/Gps8taWytD2269
Melissa Pierce122The only thing I ever wanted to be an expert at was learning new things2268
Ze Frank30creator of http://t.co/hlJPTM88, colorwars, the show, a show, youngmenowme, and many other online play spaces. EVP of Video at http://t.co/eaA6erlm2267
Jeff Jarvis19@BuzzMachine blogger and j-school prof; author of Public Parts, What Would Google Do?2264
Kelly Olexa52CEO, Founder: @FitFluential. Interested? http://t.co/CXMyQZvIQk. Fitness Fanatic, Starbucks Addict, Social Media Cupcake. Show me the sushi.2250
Steve Martocci307Co-Founder of @Splice, @GroupMe and life with @kfalter. Mostly Harmless.2248
Efren Toscano300Founder of @TechZulu, Partner Manager @Justintv, Dir. of Biz Dev @DeepFriedPro, Tech Editor @Redux, Lover of a good time.2244
Beth Carpenter239Texan. Social communications at @AARP (#AARPSocial for biz talk) & graduate of @mojonews. Everything is a design problem.2240
Todd Zaki Warfel404Design Lead for Revenue @twitter. Wrote that prototyping book. Adventurous foodie, father, husband, disciple of Christ & more...2240
Nilofer Merchant85The Future is not created, it's co-created. @Thinkers50 Future Thinker Award Winner. TED2013 Speaker. @HarvardBiz writer. Bestselling author #SocialEra.2238
Jen Nedeau140Senior Director at Bully Pulpit Interactive (@BPIMedia). Formerly from NYC media land. Columnist for PRWeek's The Hub & writer on @Medium.2232
Steve Johnson319Curious, love my family, like nuance, technology vet, traveler, social media fan, CRO at HootSuite. Also help the autism community with http://t.co/87JwOd8WYG2230
Jen Grant128Digital marketing for @WaggenerEdstrom. CrossFit Addict. Greek-Irish. Traveler. Love me some red wine, dirt roads + horses.2228
Tiffany Winman272IBM PureSystems social strategist (opinions are my own), mom, vegetarian, movie buff.2224
Alex Williams322Creative Director at Trendline Interactive. I have many leather-bound books on email design and my office in Portland, Oregon smells of rich mahogany.2218
John Keefe303Mapmaker, code mangler, journalism doer � Editor on the @WNYC @datanews Team � @CensusReporter adviser � @teamblinky co-conspirator � Views just mine2212
Rachel Weidinger223Personal words from an artist and world maker. Food, ocean, tech, art, nonprofit, big data, the earth & the trustworthy. I captain the good ship @upwell.2211
Sarah Evans18Digital correspondent for brands, like @PayPal @CoxComm @ShortyAwards @iamangelfdn & more. Writer at @favesco. prsarahevans@gmail.com 224.789.83142211
Dr. William J. Ward137Social Media Professor in @NewhouseSU @SyracuseU - Digital, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Journalism, Higher Ed, Innovation, @GoogleGlass Explorer2198
Margaret Wallace250Forbes-Listed CEO of @Playmatics | Speaker | Passionate about Gaming | Digital Media | Pop Culture2197
Rick Bakas73Husband � New Dad � Connector � Sommelier � Traveller � Former NIKE brand guy � Dir of Mktg at @34Commerce/@PressPay2196
Susan Beebe56Global Social Media @TysonFoods. Board Member @Champions4Kids #Strategy #Communications #PR #socialmedia #community #startups Former @Dell These words are mine2195
Cami Kaos352Inquisitive, quirky, parental, boot loving, geeky, portland girl. Dot Organizer at Automattic. Hi there.2189
Anne Mai Bertelsen265Marketing strategist, new product development nerd, mother, aspiring do-gooder, eternal student.2189
Ben Rattray446Founder and CEO of http://t.co/atjgtNTFAm.2188
Brad Mays165GM Edelman Digital Chicago #mobile #social #digital #analytics #socialtv #robots #Austin http://t.co/0uZLIT5PoY2187
David Meerman Scott33Marketing & Sales Strategist, keynote speaker, and bestselling author of 9 books including The New Rules of Marketing & PR and Newsjacking.2187
Don Tapscott138Author (most recent book Macrowikinomics), consulting company CEO, Hammond B3 player.U of Toronto, Rotman School Professor, Fellow Martin Prosperity Institute.2184
Sundar Pichai383SVP, Android, Chrome & Apps, Google2183
Randi Zuckerberg28Formerly marketing at Facebook. Currently founder /CEO of Zuckerberg Media, editor of wired lifestyle community @DotComplicated & author! http://t.co/MaOxGW3L5U2183
Rachelle Lacroix369Social Media Director @Starcom_USA2182
James Gatsche464SXSW 2014 Playlist Definitive 4300+ http://t.co/OskSROK1rL, Best of http://t.co/7xKf2AESwZ Email: james@musicfelon.com2181
Alex Blagg310Co-Creator/Executive Producer of Comedy Central's @Midnight, Writer on Amazon's BETAS, Founder of http://t.co/iWVKfrd41Y2181
Phil Libin179CEO of Evernote. Enthusiast.2181
Andrew A. McNeill4492006 Time Magazine Person of the Year. Texas forever.2178
Tim Hayden60Business strategist, empowering progress in the age of mobility. Husband, Dad, Son & Friend to more humans than robots. Consult. Invest. #whyaustin2177
Audrey Walker320marketer/designer/developer for @ShiftNote - Co-Founder of @DrinkMichigan. Michigan State Grad, Professional Traveler, Craft Beer Drinker, Euchre Dominator2171
Walter Schwabe255Founder fusedlogic/Executive Producer fusedlogic.TV, keynote speaker, aspiring author, golfing hack, proud dad, motorcyclist. http://t.co/Lh1IWbB6bh2170
Tyler Oakley433I make videos. Here's my newest one: http://t.co/SlS0CHCMpY2169
Stacey Harmon294Curious person. Evernote Ambassador. Facebook Marketer. GTDer. Speaker. Micropreneur. Author. Captures value from digital transformations. Crunchy taco lover.2169
James Janega377Blue Sky Innovation reporter at Chicago Tribune. Passionate about new ideas, new businesses, and new ventures. Also canoeing and a good book.2169
DJ Waldow57Digital Marketing Evangelist @Marketo | U of Michigan | Co-host of The #WorkTalkShow podcast - http://t.co/FnCF3jfZAV | Lover of beer, coffee, & people2168
Mike Schneider74vp of marketing @SkyhookWireless, attacking midfielder, purveyor of awesome2167
Shireen Mitchell135speaker, founder, thought igniter in media, tech & politics; Investigator of the #UnusalSuspects~Geekette Grad '84~ 1st White House Tweetup Attendee2164
Kira Siddall450World traveler. Lover of: awesome things, the internet, #RVA, dance parties, cocktails and delicious food. Digital Communication Strategists & SMCRVA cofounder.2162
Khris Loux220Pirate Entrepreneur: Thinks outside the box, Lives outside the box. Founder Echo, Co-Author Synaptic Web & BackPlane. Father of four. #Kitesurfer #Rodeo-Star2162
Jeff Willinger170A character w/ character-Social Computing, Portals, Intranets, SharePoint-E2.0, Pres SMCChicago, SocBiz-Tennis-Speaker-Influencer-70.3-26.2-Blackhawks-lifelover2157
Stacey Monk234Girl with a wide-open hopeful heart. Mad scientist behind social good experiments like @EpicChange, #ToMamaWithLove, #EpicThanks, #TweetsGiving & #TwitterKids.2154
Jason Fried34Founder & CEO at Basecamp (formerly known as 37signals). Co-author of Getting Real, REWORK, and REMOTE.2152
Craig Newmark39customer service rep & founder for craigslist & craigconnects. Media inquiries please email: press@craigconnects.org.2152
Scott Stratten20Author, Speaker and kind of a big deal on a fairly irrelevant soc media site which inflates my self-importance. Lesser-half of @UnAlison.2150
Rawn Shah196Social software adoption, metrics, process and business value. http://t.co/BtEPnajHZl Author: http://t.co/0MpgSeU3SG. Views = mine2150
Alex Albrecht350Creator of stuff... 4Points/Diggnation/Totally Rad Show/Voltron:The End (http://t.co/q087xhFj41)/Zerg ID (http://t.co/Ct8hmxtfLa)2148
Leigh Durst151Strategist, Consultant, Connector. Excellence Junkie. Runs with Scissors. IEEE & OpenStand Advocate2148
Lynda Rose456Proud tool of satan & member of the unruly mob of terrorist feminazis. I Twitter about rap, feminism and SXSW. Deal with it.2146
Luis Benitez357IBM Sr. Social Software Product Manager, Social Business & social media enthusiast. Hobby pilot. Hate toxic toys. Tweets are my own.2146
Shaku Selvakumar318Founder & CEO of #Coeuredge. Writer. Poet. Communicator. Connector. Digital Leader. Ex IBMer. I love full sentences and I stand by my tweets.2143
Dave Mathews214Founder of @ToothTag & CEO of @NewAer, sometimes TV host, inventor, serial entrepreneur & lover of gadgets, engines, food & wine. I did Boxee, Slingbox & CueCat2141
Kat Mandelstein90Music Lover, Global Citizen, Digital Native, #FutureofWork, #Vegan, @SocialMediaClub BOD, @SMCAustin, @PwCAdvisory, Former @IBMSoftware Exec OPINIONS=OWN2139
Dana Brunetti472Producer2139
Merici Vinton280@adaslist founder | now: @OIEngine @ IDEO | obama digital alum ('08) | tech @cfpb | meow | unicorns | there's no rule that says you can't rewrite all the rules2138
Leyla Arsan200Digital marketer who travels a lot, likes good food and friends who are true. Opinions heavily influenced by Sean McGinnis. @leylaruinseverything on Instagram2138
R Ray Wang95Constellation Research Founder, Provocateur, Keynoter, Disruptive Tech, Innovation, Biz Model Strategy, Author, Contract Negotiator Dominate Digital Disruption!2137
Summer Boone181Wife | #Marketing | love @cbglades | iPhone addict | sushi fan | walking contradiction | curious mind | #fitness | sarcastic #Seinfeld freak |2134
John Battelle46A Founder of sovrn, Federated Media, OpenCo, Web 2 Summit, Wired, Industry Standard; writer on Media, Technology, Culture, Business2134
Jenny Blake215Author. Speaker. Coach. Been said to be a genius bar for people's brain. Also: Book Worm. Health Fanatic. Coffee Addict. Yoga Lover. Gadget Freak.2134
JenWojcik54CEO/Co-Founder Auspex Group Inc. Nationbuilder Expert. Redhead. Snark. Corseted feminist. Activist. Lipstick & Tall shoes. Baby Daddy @bwoj. I don't bite, hard.2130
Calvin Lee37CEO designer/brand strategist of Mayhem Studios. Twitter addict livin' n breathin' #SocialMedia. Featured: Forbes, Wired, Huff Post, Mashable. Nicest guy in #LA2130
Shawn O'Keefe228Interactive Festival Producer at SXSW who knows how to wield an apostrophe. Cyclist, font nerd and space cadet.2129
David B. Thomas116Dad, home cook, music nerd, tech geek. Sr. Dir., Content & Engagement, @Salesforce. Co-author, The Executive's Guide to Enterprise Social Media Strategy.2125
Anne Wojcicki321Genetics just got personal. Have questions or need help? Find us at: http://t.co/tkfyhcpMdW2123
Eric D. Snider438Freelance film journalist, comedy writer, bon vivant, man about town. I'll write for you! eric@ericdsnider.com2120
Jay Rosen 32I teach journalism at NYU, direct the Studio 20 program there, critique the press and try to understand digital media. I'm also an adviser to First Look Media.2115
Dave Rupert454Lead developer for @paravelinc, co-host of @shoptalkshow and @atxwebshow, _ @jessrupe, breakfast tacos. (_____)2115
Kate Buck Jr.89Social Media Manager & Fly Girl. Lover of coffee, shoes & football. Choreographer. *STREAMING LIVE from my brain to your browser. http://t.co/59PXacp5Io2112
Thomas Marzano205Global Head of Brand Design @Philips | brand experience design strategist | blogger speaker | UX innovation marketing socialmedia photography | views my own2109
Tim Jonze452Editor of http://t.co/uyRbYcZH14. Sensitive and courteous writer of interviews, columns, blogs and all that. Wears the famous No 8 shirt for @DisOrientFC2107
Mike Pascucci331Community Engagement Manager at Autodesk.2106
Natanya Anderson107Dir. Social Media @WholeFoods, Past-President, Austin Food Blogger Alliance, ATX food blogger, mom, dragon rider, runner.2104
Amber Rae139creative catalyst. writer+explorer. inspiring creatives + entrepreneurs to use intuition, ritual + heart to pursue their life's work. let's come alive together.2098
LoriMoreno141#1TwitterGrader Influencer Luxury Brand Ambassador Travel Beauty Fashion Events TV _ _o_e Personality Author Speaker #SocialMedia PR http://t.co/axQcEr3mSI2096
Greg Matthews109Healthcare. Social media. Enterprise change management. WCG, co-founder of #co_health chat, SxSW Health Advisory Board, creator of #MDigitalLife2094
Pedro Sorrentino458Entrepreneur. BizDev & Latam @sendgrid. Coffee, Fitness, F1 and buddhism. 1% better everyday. Songs I've been listening = http://t.co/oZiJ8j6FIc2092
Warren Whitlock36Forbes Power Influencer http://t.co/m3cQqQ64sE Radio Host, Author, Speaker, Blogger and Friend2092
Claudette Godfrey325Short Film Programmer & Operations Manager at @SXSW. Shorts Programmer at @FantasticFest. Foul-mouthed liver of life & professional honeybadger.2091
Rich Pesce389Social Media & Digital Communications @CapitalOne. Runner, Aspiring Cyclist, Baseball, Mobile & Wireless Technology, Music.2090
Ashley Cass324Digital Storyteller and Social Media Socialite @GiantNoise. I've got a thing for dance parties, fun times and going out... a lot.2088
Carlee Busby374Social Media @Airbnb. Real estate investment. UNC alumna. I travel a lot w/ @philihp, my other half.2087
Brandon Chesnutt189Social Media Director at @identitypr. @startupweekend Detroit organizer & facilitator. Member of @CrainsDetroit's 20 in their 20's. Gamer. Geek.2085
Dani Dudek396Lover of celebs, moustaches & snark. Expert at fancy pantsing. Hater of the joutfit. Spend time in LA & Austin. Work at FOX but love all TV! Opinions are my own2083
Aminatou Sow264Digital Director @IAVA || Founder @techladymafia || Action Advisory Board @womenactmedia || I don't shine if you don't shine2080
Erik Davis416Managing Editor, http://t.co/eDheYwXiwg. Contributing Editor, Fandango. Formerly of http://t.co/fbnG2bwevx. I write about movies. I like pizza.2065
Jim Hopkinson267Blogger, podcaster, speaker, gadget guy, sports fan, runner, city dweller. Author of Salary Tutor negotiation book.2064
Alejandra Owens248I blog. I eat. I blog about what I eat. #AARPSocial Comms team. Arizona gal (Bear down!). Thoughts are my own, but, duh.2064
Nisha Chittal102Social media content editor, @msnbc. News junkie, feminist, lover of brunch, wine bars, tapas. Opinions my own. Nisha.Chittal@nbcuni.com2064
Sherry Lowry293Has 5-Generation Team: Vision Enactors Collective: http://t.co/eTSyaf18 ...7 Biz in 7 Emerging Industries over 4.5 decades. Loves Austin, Social Media.2064
Lauren Fernandez101social media @landrysinc. Granddaughter of a Cuban revolutionary. shorter than Tom Cruise. Big Hair Don't Care. #gopackgo2063
Mike Merrill 83Mike Merrill is an Enterprise Account Executive at @Salesforce @ExactTarget @MarketingCloud, Professional Speaker, Founder @SMCDallas, Chief Bacon Maker __2058
Evelyn Rusli126Reporter - Wall Street Journal - evelyn.rusli (at) wsj dot com2056
Kat Meyer270Champion of storytelling in all forms + formats; Program Director CONTEC - Frankfurt Book Fair; Heart biggest: all my bookish-techy tweeps! meyer@book-fair.com2054
Joe Gizzi299Strategy Director for entertainment, tech & travel @MXMtweets; documenting life as an environmentalist, adventurer, unabashed liberal, art & music geek2053
Rich Tucker251Cruise Geek - Social Media Strategist & Tactician. Facebook Marketing Pro.2050
Molly Crabapple281Artist. Writing book, DRAWING BLOOD, for Harper Collins. VICE columnist. Words: NY Times, Paris Review, CNN, Guardian, Newsweek. PGP http://t.co/8RgpP21HGu2044
Adam Savage191I play a scientist on TV. Obsessive maker of things. Host of Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel.2043
Robert Banh401Developer. I build webapps for breakfast.2042
Jennifer Caukin378PR & Social Media Geek; Mom of 2; Views & opinions here are my own.2038
Tim Jahn186Co-founder of @matchist & @EntUnpluggd2037
Sara Lang156Social Media Manager for Advocacy at #AARPSocial. Views are my own. CAP/DNC/Obama alum. I wasn't a hugger before Obama2012.2036
Rachael King114Social, PR & influence-y things @Sidecar. Cooks with whiskey often. Loathes leggings as pants and bad tippers. I am not a glutton; I am an explorer of food.2035
Megan Berry70Head of Consumer @RebelMouse. Previously led community @Klout. Stanford grad. Tea addict.2031
Hugh Forrest63Celebrating creativity at SXSW Interactive. Also, Boston Red Sox, good food, exercise when possible and sleep sleep sleep.2031
Jessica Murray91West Coast Born/East Coast Educated/World Traveler/Doberman Owner/@WOMMA Dir. of Membership/tweets are my own2029
Cat Posey211Sr. Mgr, Social and Comms for @ElectricCloud. Tech By Superwomen #txsw founder. Views�are my own. I love social tech's ability to empower, inspire and connect.2022
Tony Conrad115CoFounder about.me & Sphere; True Ventures; Investor Automattic (WordPress); Blue Bottle Coffee; MakerBot; High Fidelity; Parking Karma & Drip Coffee Skills2021
Marco Collins457Radio DJ/ Music Programmer/ Bad Role Model/ Music Junkie/ Name Dropper/ Soul Stealer/ I like Golden Grahams.2021
Joe Neale269VC at @m8Capital. Investing in great mobile companies (@Masabi_com, @Noom, @Applauze, @Evernote etc). Love the music of Tom Waits & the odd Cuban Cigar2020
Damien112falls somewhere between streetwear chic and laundry day desperation DAMIEN@COOLNE.WS http://t.co/0zs3zSs20p2020
Christine Lagorio316Writer, reader, reporter, occasional critic. Senior Writer @Inc Previous: New York Times, Washington Post, CBS News.2017
Elise Hu193Wanderlusty reporter @NPRNews, covering tech/culture. @TexasTribune & #Mizzou alum. Political junkie. Texan. Eater.2016
Jon Swartz158San Francisco bureau chief for USA Today, S.F. Giants fan, sucker for British rock and the Boss, and devotee of Saul Bellow.2015
Tammy Gordon123Innovating @AARP social media, television, radio, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, Netflix, Roku & whatever comes next. Views: My own2014
Kety Maria Esquivel159Principal Esquivel McCarson Consulting | TEDx Convener | Published Author | TV Commentator | Ivy League Graduate | Entrepreneur | Creative | Explorer2014
Wynn Xiao Wu348Hello2011
Glenn Greenwald119Journalist with @The_Intercept - author, With Liberty & Justice for Some - dog/animal fanatic - email/PGP public key (https://t.co/uJnK90oulZ)2010
Derek Peplau225Husband, proud dad & social product marketer @Acquia. Photographer, indie music fundamentalist & Red Sox fan since before it was fashionable.2006
Jessica Merrell 182Founder of Blogging4Jobs. Top 50 #SoMe Power User by Forbes. Sometimes red head or blonde. Insights in #HR, #Recruiting, #Leadership & #Tech.2004
Anthony Cain308Gotham City Digital Guy. Tweets Are My Own.2002
Mark Cuban25Entrepreneur2001
Ben Horowitz68Author of Ben's Blog (http://t.co/I8TLUV7FBI) and HarperBusiness book, THE HARD THING ABOUT HARD THINGS http://t.co/XzH5oPkOvy2000
Margaret Cho330On the road with my new tour, MOTHER! You can also find me on Facebook at http://t.co/AfYJRFkymh and YouTube at http://t.co/7DQw7IWyHp.1996
Rachael Joy423Parade lover, space nut, TV Producer (Discovery, TLC, Science). Making documentary about #MadeInUSA. Chair @PGA_Green. Sailor, diver, joy seeker. Full of sisu!1995
Lisa Borodkin379Entertainment + new media attorney, social tech, foredeck, and runner.1994
Matthew Odam291Restaurant critic & features writer at Austin American @Statesman and @Austin360. Austin-born 6th generation Texan. (Opinions are mine)1994
Charlie Jane Anders384Blogger, writer, satirist, editor, crazay girl1993
Katie Morse84Music lover. Former #DnB DJ. Traveler. Bookworm. Romantic. Nerd. #Keto. #Wolfpack. Social Media at @billboard. Writer at @KickKickSnare. Opinions = mine1992
Jill Filipovic387Writer. Lawyer. Eater. @GuardianUS columnist. @Feministe blogger. @AtsbyVermouth pusher.1991
Martin Jones184Writer, Speaker, #socialmedia #contentmarketing. Editor http://t.co/1O2oz07BoS - Hubspot Certified. #b2b #Marketing Mgr. Cox Communications1990
Jimmy Stewart247Co-Founder/President of @Do512. Disclaimer: all tweets on this page are not my own, they are the collective opinion of all the people of the universe.1979
Amber Porter Telfer93Lover of photography, digital technology, design, vintage, laughter and life. Veteran of life and the U.S. Army. The path is #AlwaysForward1968
Taryn Pisaneschi152Palm Beach Real Estate Agent, tarynsellspalmbeach(dot)com, Speaker (New Media Expo, BlogHer) Founder WIN� Women Intelligently Networking snowboarder Mom1968
Nicole Hering359sr. planner @tbwa | @360i alum | outdoorsy type | #skiallday | grey eyes | knicks//giants//cuse | searching for my lost shaker of salt1966
Erica Swallow154@Temperatureapp @MITSloan 2015 | @Forbes @Mashable @HuffingtonPost contributor | Formerly @Deliverish co-founder & @NYTimes marketing | @NYUStern alum | _______1965
Amanda Nguyen273#digital communications for the gov [these views my own] & CEO @DigNeighborhood. Knit. Billiards. Cook. Wine. #httr1965
Margot Bloomstein145Appropriate, Inc. brand and content strategist; author of Content Strategy at Work: http://t.co/CPwL5eJP Dog lover.1965
Zane Aveton77Digital Strategist for Celebrities � Big Brands � Pro Athletes | #ErykahBadu #PGATOUR | #NBA #NFL #MLB #NHL Team Physicians | Event + Media Personality1965
Jennifer McNabb430Marketing Communications Mgr @OneSpot | Startup junkie. Tech marketer. Puggle mom. Brunch lover. Wine drinker. Globetrotter.1963
Sydney Owen Williams125Unfiltered = my blog & approach to life. Love: veggies, skydiving, sunshine, and smiling. And unicorns.1952
Monica Rogati410Data @ Jawbone. Turned data into stories & products at LinkedIn. Text mining, applied machine learning, recommender systems. Ex-gamer, ex-machine coder; namer.1946
Alyssa Rosenberg373Current: Features Editor at @ThinkProgress. Soon: @PostOpinions. Member of the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare. Tweets are mine alone.1946
Jennifer D. Dubow259Inside Sales Social Business Transformation Lead at IBM. Passions: Dark chocolate, dogs, cooking, positive psychology. Views are my own.1942
Kelly Krause203@SXSW Interactive Press & Publicity. Geek. Fashion-Enthusiast. Pun Always Intended1940
Kemp Edmonds219father. husband. community. education. technology. Work @HootSuite - Producer @GenSoc - Board @SocialMediaClub - enabling organizational evolution.1940
Kara DeFrias3402nd grade report card�'Kara likes to talk. A lot.' � Intuit PR/UX � Fmr White House Innovation Fellow � Loved cheese, TEDx & Broadway � #NoKillSwitchOnAwesome1939
Marissa Mayer10@ Yahoo!1930
William Goss425Movies. Puns. Probably overthinking it.1926
Conrad Lisco435Sneaker junkie. Optimist.1926
Chris Anderson443D Robotics CEO, DIY Drones, ex Wired EIC, Long Tail, FREE, Makers, GeekDad, etc. And five great kids who put up with it all. (Profile photo by Joi Ito)1926
Mark Schaefer53Chieftain of the blog {grow} and social media bouncer. Consultant, educator, podcaster, author of Return On Influence, Born to Blog, and The Tao of Twitter.1924
Yoko Ono173IMAGINE PEACE: Think PEACE, Act PEACE, Spread PEACE.1923
Nicole Forbes399Futurist � Traveler � Yogini � Truffle Hunter � Rap Karaoker w/Ninja Skills in Art Of Mom � _ � StartUps � Tech � Mrkg � Wearables � SXSW #TechOffYourClothes1920
Beatriz Alemar266Clarity Alchemist. Intuitive. Problem Solver. Coach/Consultant. Fan of good wine/food. Cat lover.1919
Eric Carvin229@AP's social media editor, helping 2K+ journalists with newsgathering and engagement. I'm also an @ONA board member. And I enjoy finding berries in parks.1918
Jean Case354social activist1917
Shelli Whitehurst353CEO & Digital Thinker, Creator, Maker. Founder of @thesocialistco - the global marketplace for words and pictures. http://t.co/NOnFZ2dgBL NYC/MEL1917
Jennifer Atkins364IBM Social Business go-to-market manager, Junior Leaguer, avid book reader, knitter & beader, #Motorama LIVE automotive tweeter, foodie. My tweets are my own.1917
Nick Westergaard260Chief Brand Strategist & Founder of Brand Driven Digital / Speaker / Educator / Co-host of The #WorkTalkShow podcast - http://t.co/nPVEfxQ4mF1917
Danny Brown372For booking - joshuadick@theagencygroup.com Goliath Artists Management - dartparker@gmail.com1914
Courtney Boyd Myers142Founder of @audienceio. Curates @hustleandkale + @3460Miles. Writer @TheNextWeb, @thedailybeast + @WiredUK. Member of @Summit & @TheList.1912
Dan Ariely276Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics1911
Josh Halliday398News reporter at the Guardian. No opinions. Leeds fan from Bradford josh.halliday@theguardian.com1910
Ranjun Chauhan304@HootSuite expert, former @IBM Social Media Strategist, @UCLA Bruin, Politico, Love the South Asian Diaspora, techie, foodie, getting fit.1909
Nick Disabato411designer & writer1903
Tristan Walker47founder & ceo of walker & company brands (our first brand @bevel). chairman @CODE2040. i do some other stuff too.1903
Larry Richman482Writer & photographer covering film festivals & indies at http://t.co/sGoSN8jvXf, Operations Manager, Palm Beach International Film Festival1900
Gwynne Murphy314Project wrangler @methodsavvy. Design/decor blogger @newfangledfab. Marketing and digital anything. Beer, wine and people watching.1898
Alexia Tsotsis23Co-Editor at TechCrunch. Breaks news, hearts. alexia@techcrunch.com1897
Nick Cicero104Digital Strategist | Editor @socialfresh | Music Industry Consultant | Jazz Trumpeter, Music Producer | @SyracuseU Grad | Love Life1891
Tim Brown444author of Change By Design / CEO of @IDEO1882
Evan Smith218CEO & editor-in-chief of The Texas Tribune. Former editor of Texas Monthly. Political junkie, passable tennis player, future ex-vegetarian.1880
Jim Kolmar466Film Programmer & Digital Content at SXSW Film. Welsh.1876
Alyssa Henry323Tech, pop culture, television & glitter. Passionate @iSchoolSU & @NewhouseSU alum. Advanced Media Platforms @CBS. Opinions are mine.1876
Chris Yates103Video Content Creator + Social Media 4 Brands-Bud Light, Verizon & Maui Jim, Sports Biz, Emmy Winner, Intercepted Heisman Winner, in Movie w/ Robert Downey Jr.1875
Lindsey Weber419Associate Editor at New York Magazine's Vulture. The words here are my own & do not reflect the opinions of Matthew Perry or my employers.1875
Kriselle Laran130SuperMom to 2 super boys. Also, sr. #digital supervisor for #tech and #B2B at @ZenoGroup and former web designer/developer.1874
Mike Issac131All DMs accepted.1874
Ashton Kutcher26I make stuff, actually I make up stuff, stories mostly, collaborations of thoughts, dreams, and actions. Thats me.1873
Scott Weinberg361Writer. Film critic at @FEARnet & several others. Sorta-producer. Semi-actor. Wise-ass. Horror geek. Cat fan. Twitter junkie.1873
Mike H. Party Photos461#Dallas, Texas #concert & #party #photographer for hire, dudes. Started in the trap, now I snap......pictures. http://t.co/uEKj3Bej1870
Anya Kamenetz245gendebt. @FastCompany. http://t.co/zSN6RJTKNH @NewAmerica. http://t.co/Nx8SKKdWwX. http://t.co/9JYqE2c70E. unitardicorns. baby.kitty.1870
Perez Hilton147Perez Hilton is a proud dad! He is also the creator and writer of one of the most famous websites in the world. And he loves music and musicals - a lot!1867
Eoin McMillan421Accidental anthropologist. Partner @SFDevLabs. Big fan of the internet.1867
Patrick Pho341Producer at @VW. Social Media Miley Cyrus. Gen-Y Blogger. Enthusiastic Vlogger. YouTube Partner. Theatre Critic at @WeLoveDC. Opinions are his.1866
Jolie O'Dell51VentureBeat managing editor. Highly suspicious.1866
Olivier Fleurot4995 lives so far: engineer (3y),journalist (6y), head of marketing (6y), head of newspapers (16y), head of strategic coms agencies. My tweets are personal views.1866
Dan Berger427CEO of @socialtables, #eventprofs, jet setter, dance music, @Leroy_Berger's daddy, Israeli, NYer, @msbgu, #dctech, #500strong. Every day is a school day.1863
Laura Beck207Tshirt peddler, Austin PR prof, w/ focus on tech start ups; general networker and connector; Mom of 2. Also follow me @stripedshirtz1862
Mary Catherine 241Director of Social Media at @CNBC. I tweet about media, music & my coffee obsession. Email: mc.wellons@nbcuni.com.1861
Rob Sheridan432I make stuff. Art Director for @NineInchNails, part of the @DestroyAngels collective, and Creative Director at Beats Music.1861
Neil deGrasse Tyson59http://Astrophysicist, Am. Museum of Natural History. Author: Space Chronicles, Pluto Files, Inexplicable Universe [Video], Host: StarTalk Radio http://t.co/0DbxO8jk1860
Helena Price301Tall, pale, and half-Norwegian. Full-time photographer who occasionally dabbles in tech. Not the actress, DJ, Brazilian soap opera star, or state capital.1860
Heather Macdonald231Serial road tripper that loves travel & spontaneous adventures. Creative geek. Craft beer enthusiast. Senior Account Executive at FleishmanHillard.1859
David Beck408SVP & GM of #SocialMedia @Univision - Former Office of the CEO - Building #SocialTV #SecondScreen #Transmedia Capabilities - Top talent wanted - Tweets are mine1855
Neil Petty368copywriter. beats. Stealth Prep http://t.co/dQyohVcqOH1855
Nardwuar290The Human Serviette1855
Ben Williams480I work for Twitter's direct competitor. Yeah that one. I love music. I love Austin. I love @Rangers. I love mac 'n' cheese. I love lamp.1854
Amy West462Steel Branding PR & New Media Pro. Austinite. Arts Enthusiast. Dog Lover. Runner. Born & Raised in Midwest. Longhorn 4 Life. Yoga Newbie. Hobbyist Photographer.1854
Janet Pierson302SXSW Film head honcho1853
Kelly Lux143Dir of Social Media and Adjunct Prof @iSchoolSU * Co-founder #CMGRchat & #CMGRclass * Volunteer @HHDogRescue * Yogini * Internet Reconnaissance is my thing1852
Wiz Khalifa334Taylor Gang/Rostrum Records1851
KT Wall249Carolina in my mind. Georgia on my mind. New York state of mind. Catch me in #NYC...for now ;)1850
Robert Hernandez210@USCAnnenberg Profe MacGyvering digi journalism. #wjchat @ONA @NAHJ #HorizontalLoyalty #JustAMinorThreat #withpurpose // I live sweat, but I dream light years.1850
Liza Sperling76Alpha girl, forever in beta. Evangelist & Business Development @ClearSlide, three time acquiree & startup advisor.1849
Meaghan Herrmann467SXSW Staffer | Midwesterner at heart | Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.1849
Rebecca Feferman227Head of Media Relations & Programmer, SXSW Film & #SXsports. Captain of the Swingin' Narwhals Softball Team. Skilled in the ways of #PublicistFace.1845
Bob Wolter496Watch. Listen. Debate. Lead. Design. Photograph. Create. Code. Market. Grow. Distill. Drink. BBQ. Eat. Play. Laugh. Love.1844
Audrey Matthias453Creative Strategist @iStrategyLabs, working on innovation in the digital & social sphere with a knack for blending in physical activations.1840
Rachel Daily412I impersonate fountains. I work w/ people at Arts & Rec, Google Ingress, Onion Creek Productions, Buzzmill, UTOPiAfest etc...I tricked @K_T_Jones into lovin me1840
Ben Z. Samples338@Nike Global Corporate Comms. Social Media & Public Relations Strategist. Conversation Starter. Perpetual Student. Red Raider. SMILE! Views/opinions are my own.1839
Grace Helbig385I vlog. I like funny.1837
Tiffany Thompson381Dir Marketing @OracleSocial ex@Vitrue. Social Media strategizer, lover & trainer. Foodie. Amateur Chef. Frequent wine consumer & sassy GA peach! Tweets r mine1835
Bianca Bosker160Executive Tech Editor, The Huffington Post (@HuffPostTech). Bianca@huffingtonpost.com. Author, Original Copies: Architectural Mimicry in Contemporary China1834
Scott Johnson306Brand Warrior1832
Chuck Martin121Editor, mCommerce Daily, MediaPost, Columnist, NY Times Business Bestselling Author of Mobile Influence, Keynote Speaker Internationally1831
Rob Rhinehart490We have the technology. @soylent1830
Jane Kim397Occasional muser when time permits.1829
Quentin Hardy201Deputy Tech Editor, The New York Times. Tweets are my own, even the ones with the serial numbers filed off.1829
Henry Jenkins257Provost's Professor of Communication, Journalism and Cinematic Arts, USC1828
Anders Holm394Workaholic.1828
Emily Hickey287Tech it up in NYC. Blog it up at http://t.co/Gm7FUmA5CK.1827
Kelly Hoey199Invest In The Change You Want To See. Founder @WIMAccelerator Board Member @GlimpseLabs1825
Michael Abbot221helping engineers engineer their companies, helping designers design their companies. today: partner @kpcb. was: vp eng@twitter, webos@palm, founder@compositesw1825
Dmitry Grishin494@MailRu , @GrishinRobotics1824
Neal Mann230Multimedia Innovations Editor at The Wall Street Journal. Mixing news, photography, music & surfing on Twitter since 2009. Visiting Fellow @SheffieldUni.1824
Michael Wu Ph.D.242Scientist: Big Data, Gamification, Influence, Predictive Social Analytic, Cyber Anthropology, Social Network Analysis, Machine Learning, Community Dynamics1823
Pam Sahota360Director, Social.Content at Digitas. Digital Marketing & Fashion Blogger. Lover of Boston, photography, charity events, Fashion, Wine & the Red Sox.1823
Kendrick Lamar367'good kid, m.A.A.d city' available now! http://t.co/Nx5re80K | Booking Info: mgmt@topdawgmusic.com | Instagram: @KendrickLamar1820
Mindy Kaling 61New Money. Instagram: mindykaling1820
Raymond Flotat422all that matters in music --- local: @mxdwn_nyc @mxdwn_atx @mxdwn_LA @mxdwn_SF @mxdwn_PHL @mxdwn_chi entertainment: @mxdwnmovies @mxdwngames @mxdwntelevision1818
Bob Metcalfe275UTAustin Professor of Innovation, Murchison Fellow of Free Enterprise, MIT Trustee, NAE. Past: MIT Harvard PARC Stanford 3Com InfoWorld Polaris.1817
Renee Gallifrey443designer/artist/maker for @roboroku. lover of art, design, handmade, music, and doctor who. blogger for this creative life and a cute connoisseur.1815
Edwyn Collins481I am sound of body and of mind, and what's more I'm witty and refined1815
Andy Langer164Esquire. KGSR. KROX. Time Warner Cable News (formerly YNN). The New York Times Texas Edition. Texas Monthly.1815
Joseph Gordon-Levitt172I direct an open collaborative production company called hitRECord -- writers, filmmakers, musicians, artists... wanna come work with me?1814
Jim Fusilli487Wall Street Journal rock and pop critic1814
David Carr24David Carr, Media Equation column, blogs @ Decoder, covers pop culture at NYTimes. Tweets hi-low, news, whatnot. Author: Night of the Gun. http://t.co/fEFnmS7B1814
Jennifer Sinski315planner/projects for @lookthinkmake (http://t.co/aBaFgdHI8n). started @rsvpster. loves hustlin', music, cats & tacos. #PR #ATX1813
Kat Candler475I make movies like Hellion and Black Metal and take pictures of my cat, Trucker.1813
Audrey Watters206education writer, recovering academic, serial dropout, part-time badass, author of Teaching Machines (coming soon)1811
Austin Lytle434Born in NOLA,raised in NOLA,will forever remain faithful NOLA. Consume all things political,tech,social. Helping to socially advance enterprises via Spredfast.1811
Rusty Shelton305Founder/CEO of Shelton Interactive (@SheltonInt) - a full-service digital agency for books & brands. Also an NSA speaker, proud dad and Texas Longhorn.1811
Allison AldridgeSaur349Chickasaw/Mom/German spkr/DigitalMedia/Mktg. Also tweet w/Native Americans @NAmerNDN #DgtlTribe http://t.co/qLlmmWN89T1810
Patrick B. Johnson232One day I'll own a bakery and go out of business cause I'll eat all the product.1808
Teresa Cantwell333Director of Community Management at EXPO Communications. Talkative social media enthusiast that is always up for a great conversation. Let's connect.1807
Amy Muller237Director of Community & Customer Success @Automatic. Co-founder: @GetSatisfaction & @YxYY Wife of @tempo. Mom of @quinnmu & @teslajane. Parent, @SFBrightworks.1806
Adam Pally414Adam Pally1805
Justin Timberlake 169Official Twitter Account of Justin Timberlake1805
Dan Rosen403VC investor at Commerce Ventures. Mostly tweet about entrepreneurship/startups, VC, mobile, payments and the future of retail.1804
Marcel Santilli261Follower of Jesus. Passionate, creative guy. Tweets on faith, social media, tech & biz. Brazilian by birth, Texan by choice. Work at IBM. Opinions are mine.1803
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Jay Campbell465I used to be bout it bout it, but then they changed what it was. Now what I'm bout isn't it, and what's it seems weird and scary to me1625
Leslie Saxon, MD488Chief, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, USC Keck School of Medicine & Executive Director of USC Center for Body Computing-creating the future of healthcare1624
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