Rachael King

Twitter Usernamerachaelgking
First NameRachael
Last NameKing
Little Bird Insider Score57
Little Bird Listening Score49
Little Bird Emergence Score332.2290079
Twitter ProfileSocial, PR & influence-y things @Sidecar. Cooks with whiskey often. Loathes leggings as pants and bad tippers. I am not a glutton; I am an explorer of food.
Age of Twitter Account (days)2035
Tweets per Day26.36832212
Twitter Followers10463
Twitter Friends1989
Total Tweets53666
Location (raw)San Francisco, CA
Location (continent)North America
Location (country)United States of America
Location (region)California
Location (sub_region)San Francisco
Related Websitehttp://about.me/rachaelgking