CJ Romberger

Twitter Usernamecjromb
First NameCJ
Last NameRomberger
Little Bird Insider Score13
Little Bird Listening Score47
Little Bird Emergence Score150.8672711
Twitter ProfileCEO Web Dev Agency. Tech Entrepreneur. Speaker. Tech Writer. Innovator. Connector. Programmer. Analyst. GadgetGirl. Blog. Run. Ride. Scuba. SXSW
Age of Twitter Account (days)1713
Tweets per Day1.413021943
Twitter Followers1397
Twitter Friends1715
Total Tweets2421
Location (raw)Austin, TX (Of Course!)
Location (continent)North America
Location (country)United States of America
Location (region)Texas
Location (sub_region)Austin
Related Websitehttp://www.wildwoodinteractive.com