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This view shows the 50 highest ranking Top 500 influencers in terms of what we define as their Emergence Score. Little Bird uses some math to calculate how long someone has been on Twitter in relation to their Insider Score, with the goal of discovering insiders who have been in a community for a short time, but have already gained traction with other insiders. Emergent insiders are like “rising stars” that may be open to engagement as they increase their stature in a community.

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Robert Scoble1@Rackspace's Startup Liaison Officer, who grew up in Silicon Valley, brings you technology news, videos, and opinions.460.6676317
Gary Vaynerchuk2Family 1st! but after that, Businessman. Just a dude that Loves the Hustle, People & the @NYJets. CEO of @vaynermedia. Tasted wine for years at @winelibrary512.377148
Ev Williams3Here273.7424162
Brian Solis4http://t.co/NTX8aUxFon369.739595
Jeremiah Owyang5Chief Catalyst, Founder http://t.co/JuZCtoyZ6c385.0950038
Laura Fitton6Deeply silly. Fiercely optimistic. Inbound Marketing Evangelist, @HubSpot. priors: @oneforty | Twitter for @Dummies | #beonfire. wobbly but i don't fall down.408.1293215
Biz Stone7Co-founder of Twitter Inc., Co-founder and CEO of Jelly, Inc.230.2220137
Dave McClure8Geeks, Entrepreneurs, Startups -- The Internet Revolution. Founding Partner & Part-Time Sith Lord, @500Startups.271.0380841
Clay Shirky9Bald. Unreliable. Easily distracte426.625621
Marissa Mayer10@ Yahoo!1136.575544
Chris Brogan11Publisher, Owner Magazine (http://t.co/wmRbE08IQK) More? http://t.co/oJI9Ssy7wh contact: http://t.co/CZ3uwGfxzh285.0239491
Guy Kawasaki12Advises Motorola. Author of APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur. Former chief evangelist of Apple.459.7934057
Dennis Crowley13I like snowboards, foursquare and unemployment.236.164324
David Armano14Global Strategy Director @Edelmandigital. Intrapreneur, dad, hubby to @msarmano, contributor @harvardbiz, co-founder #Allhat, Harley rider & imperfect soul318.9265726
Dick Costolo15CEO at Twitter371.9389253
C.C. Chapman16CMO of @YSN_Global - Author of Content Rules and Amazing Things Will Happen - Nicest Guy On the Internet267.0625451
Marshall Kirkpatrick17CEO of @GetLittleBird: we make Twitter useful for businesses. (and more!)314.7291946
Sarah Evans18Digital correspondent for brands, like @PayPal @CoxComm @ShortyAwards @iamangelfdn & more. Writer at @favesco. prsarahevans@gmail.com 224.789.8314556.1563547
Jeff Jarvis19@BuzzMachine blogger and j-school prof; author of Public Parts, What Would Google Do?475.4915005
Scott Stratten20Author, Speaker and kind of a big deal on a fairly irrelevant soc media site which inflates my self-importance. Lesser-half of @UnAlison.584.7119456
MG Siegler21Partner @GoogleVentures. A man of few words. Except when writing.269.7388235
Jason Falls22Founder and smartass in residence at Social Media Explorer. Husband, Father, Author, Humorist. Not safe for the easily offended.395.692312
Alexia Tsotsis23Co-Editor at TechCrunch. Breaks news, hearts. alexia@techcrunch.com901.948631
David Carr24David Carr, Media Equation column, blogs @ Decoder, covers pop culture at NYTimes. Tweets hi-low, news, whatnot. Author: Night of the Gun. http://t.co/fEFnmS7B1070.906737
Mark Cuban25Entrepreneur717.0649084
Ashton Kutcher26I make stuff, actually I make up stuff, stories mostly, collaborations of thoughts, dreams, and actions. Thats me.924.8463536
Brett Petersel27digital/social at a dot com; cofounder, @thecmgr; author; advisor; hubby; prev @tnw @mashable; loves depeche mode, horror films, karaoke, running, music191.0651408
Randi Zuckerberg28Formerly marketing at Facebook. Currently founder /CEO of Zuckerberg Media, editor of wired lifestyle community @DotComplicated & author! http://t.co/MaOxGW3L5U496.9308708
Elon Musk29Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity & PayPal1232.547617
Ze Frank30creator of http://t.co/hlJPTM88, colorwars, the show, a show, youngmenowme, and many other online play spaces. EVP of Video at http://t.co/eaA6erlm412.4279899
Mark Suster312x entrepreneur. Sold both companies (last to http://t.co/Q4dBn3Ye). Turned VC looking to invest in passionate entrepreneurs274.3768122
Jay Rosen 32I teach journalism at NYU, direct the Studio 20 program there, critique the press and try to understand digital media. I'm also an adviser to First Look Media.524.3631102
David Meerman Scott33Marketing & Sales Strategist, keynote speaker, and bestselling author of 9 books including The New Rules of Marketing & PR and Newsjacking.445.5786419
Jason Fried34Founder & CEO at Basecamp (formerly known as 37signals). Co-author of Getting Real, REWORK, and REMOTE.475.593619
Lena Dunham352002: I was sent to the principal for putting a cheese doodle in my bellybutton because life isn't always fair. Instagram: lenadunham993.224904
Warren Whitlock36Forbes Power Influencer http://t.co/m3cQqQ64sE Radio Host, Author, Speaker, Blogger and Friend526.4173207
Calvin Lee37CEO designer/brand strategist of Mayhem Studios. Twitter addict livin' n breathin' #SocialMedia. Featured: Forbes, Wired, Huff Post, Mashable. Nicest guy in #LA485.7068451
Dave Peck38Global Head of Social Media at @PayPal. Geek, pop culture nut, husband and father of 5... Yes, 5.227.1698412
Craig Newmark39customer service rep & founder for craigslist & craigconnects. Media inquiries please email: press@craigconnects.org.456.3991548
Eric Schmidt40Executive Chairman & former CEO1662.756317
Hiten Shah41Started two SaaS companies, @CrazyEgg and @KISSmetrics with @NeilPatel. One is self-funded & the other is venture backed. I also advise and invest.163.4160334
Joi Ito42Director, MIT Media Lab213.2878444
Hugh MacLeod43Cartoonist. Motivational Art For Smart People. Clients: Rackspace, Roche, Intel, Hubspot, HP, Cisco, Microsoft etc. gapingvoid@gmail.com196.5557629
Chris Anderson443D Robotics CEO, DIY Drones, ex Wired EIC, Long Tail, FREE, Makers, GeekDad, etc. And five great kids who put up with it all. (Profile photo by Joi Ito)682.6320063
Ekaterina Walter45Co-founder & CMO @BRANDERATI | Author: WSJ bestseller Think Like Zuck, and The Power of Visual Storytelling | Speaker | Connector | I tweet w/European accent1107.744873
John Battelle46A Founder of sovrn, Federated Media, OpenCo, Web 2 Summit, Wired, Industry Standard; writer on Media, Technology, Culture, Business452.8480042
Tristan Walker47founder & ceo of walker & company brands (our first brand @bevel). chairman @CODE2040. i do some other stuff too.709.1747925
Zena Weist48Integrated media strategist, connector, wife, mom, @UnboundIntl sponsor, autism awareness advocate, Guinness, wine and chocolate devourer, therefore I run.279.4998434
Alexis Ohanian49Make the world suck less: @reddit @breadpig @thehipmunk @YCombinator. Investor, speaker, host of Small Empires, author of bestseller Without Their Permission212.9007254
Aaron Levie50Lead Magician (and CEO) at Box (@boxHQ); Huge ABBA fan. I don't fully endorse anything I say below. Go _212.6322838
Jolie O'Dell51VentureBeat managing editor. Highly suspicious.733.8906409
Kelly Olexa52CEO, Founder: @FitFluential. Interested? http://t.co/CXMyQZvIQk. Fitness Fanatic, Starbucks Addict, Social Media Cupcake. Show me the sushi.347.2393432
Mark Schaefer53Chieftain of the blog {grow} and social media bouncer. Consultant, educator, podcaster, author of Return On Influence, Born to Blog, and The Tao of Twitter.648.2763676
JenWojcik54CEO/Co-Founder Auspex Group Inc. Nationbuilder Expert. Redhead. Snark. Corseted feminist. Activist. Lipstick & Tall shoes. Baby Daddy @bwoj. I don't bite, hard.426.8140879
Sean Parker55Napster, Plaxo, Facebook, Causes, Spotify & Airtime = http://t.co/YsQIrVydx513608.90488
Susan Beebe56Global Social Media @TysonFoods. Board Member @Champions4Kids #Strategy #Communications #PR #socialmedia #community #startups Former @Dell These words are mine374.7812199
DJ Waldow57Digital Marketing Evangelist @Marketo | U of Michigan | Co-host of The #WorkTalkShow podcast - http://t.co/FnCF3jfZAV | Lover of beer, coffee, & people388.8710106
Jennifer Preston58Using social media to tell stories on NYT's @thelede. First social media editor @nytimes. @ONA Board of Directors. Story ideas? UGC? jepresto@nytimes.com885.8125083
Neil deGrasse Tyson59http://Astrophysicist, Am. Museum of Natural History. Author: Space Chronicles, Pluto Files, Inexplicable Universe [Video], Host: StarTalk Radio http://t.co/0DbxO8jk709.7516027
Tim Hayden60Business strategist, empowering progress in the age of mobility. Husband, Dad, Son & Friend to more humans than robots. Consult. Invest. #whyaustin378.3690951
Mindy Kaling 61New Money. Instagram: mindykaling763.9832838
Jim Storer62Experienced community mgr & social media strategist. Founder @TheCR. Devoted dad, runner, golfer, BBQ addict, craft beer geek & amateur photographer.212.3797426
Hugh Forrest63Celebrating creativity at SXSW Interactive. Also, Boston Red Sox, good food, exercise when possible and sleep sleep sleep.481.7093391
Pete Cashmore64CEO and Founder of http://t.co/XlFrQdve. Professional account is @mashable303.9558575
Ryan Sarver65Partner at @redpointvc. Previously, Director of Platform at Twitter. Partner at @AltaCAsf. DET/BOS export. Over-the-hill hockey player. @devon's lesser half189.9389082
Saul Colt66Mayor of Twitter, Smartest Man in the World, The Internet's Head of Magic (R) and graduate of the Handsome Boy Modeling School.190.0857245
Esteban Contreras67Director of Strategy @Sprinklr http://t.co/pZKaQ0oB0X. Author SOCIAL STATE. Ex Samsung @SamsungTweets. Curate All Things. 3 @somerlea. http://t.co/zP5dugWofN778.2946171
Ben Horowitz68Author of Ben's Blog (http://t.co/I8TLUV7FBI) and HarperBusiness book, THE HARD THING ABOUT HARD THINGS http://t.co/XzH5oPkOvy499.5912034
KANYE WEST692626.326084
Megan Berry70Head of Consumer @RebelMouse. Previously led community @Klout. Stanford grad. Tea addict.464.1772906
Andrew Hyde71Stay at home bartender. Travel guides. Get your travel guides: http://t.co/eCI3EHAxt5183.816613
Dan Zarrella72HubSpot's Social Media Scientist.192.011946
Rick Bakas73Husband � New Dad � Connector � Sommelier � Traveller � Former NIKE brand guy � Dir of Mktg at @34Commerce/@PressPay335.2576882
Mike Schneider74vp of marketing @SkyhookWireless, attacking midfielder, purveyor of awesome353.5332989
Christopher Barger75SVP Global Digital @ PNConnect. Author of The Social Media Strategist. Not a ninja or Jedi. Perspectives and opinions are my own.261.50822
Liza Sperling76Alpha girl, forever in beta. Evangelist & Business Development @ClearSlide, three time acquiree & startup advisor.658.5254966
Zane Aveton77Digital Strategist for Celebrities � Big Brands � Pro Athletes | #ErykahBadu #PGATOUR | #NBA #NFL #MLB #NHL Team Physicians | Event + Media Personality515.5695319
Patton Oswalt78Mr. Oswalt is a former wedding deejay from Northern Virginia.1934.202082
Jeffrey Zeldman79Founder, Happy Cog� studios. Author, Designing With Web Standards. Publisher, A List Apart, A Book Apart. Co-founder, An Event Apart. Host, Big Web Show.152.4929609
Len Kendall80CoFounder of CentUp (Get paid for your content. Raise money for charity). Expert at Nothing. Loves @itsKatieKendall.255.8954425
Elysa Ellis82Professional Geek Girl ~ INTJ ~ PR friendly blogger / Editor @GenPink & @DallasFoodNerd ~ travels w/ more chargers than shoes ~ elysa@genpink241.2638446
Mike Merrill 83Mike Merrill is an Enterprise Account Executive at @Salesforce @ExactTarget @MarketingCloud, Professional Speaker, Founder @SMCDallas, Chief Bacon Maker __395.7300978
Katie Morse84Music lover. Former #DnB DJ. Traveler. Bookworm. Romantic. Nerd. #Keto. #Wolfpack. Social Media at @billboard. Writer at @KickKickSnare. Opinions = mine450.6286315
Nilofer Merchant85The Future is not created, it's co-created. @Thinkers50 Future Thinker Award Winner. TED2013 Speaker. @HarvardBiz writer. Bestselling author #SocialEra.278.7373621
Sloane Davidson86Host of #givechat Thurs 5-6pm EST. Entrepreneur, writer, speaker. Author of the #GivingManifesto. Philanthropist. Farsighted. Weekly essays, sign up below!166.6439
Chris Pirillo87Geek Culture Cultivator & Lifestyle Enabler. Educator, Entertainer, Entrepreneur. Expert in being myself. http://t.co/PXV2Pq9a8A / chris@pirillo.com155.1936588
Felicia Day88Actress, New Media Geek, Gamer, Misanthrope. I like to keep my Tweets real and not waste people's time.205.1874656
Kate Buck Jr.89Social Media Manager & Fly Girl. Lover of coffee, shoes & football. Choreographer. *STREAMING LIVE from my brain to your browser. http://t.co/59PXacp5Io346.5946917
Kat Mandelstein90Music Lover, Global Citizen, Digital Native, #FutureofWork, #Vegan, @SocialMediaClub BOD, @SMCAustin, @PwCAdvisory, Former @IBMSoftware Exec OPINIONS=OWN329.3960579
Jessica Murray91West Coast Born/East Coast Educated/World Traveler/Doberman Owner/@WOMMA Dir. of Membership/tweets are my own395.3444803
Josh Williams92Obsession / Sublimity / Leisure / Focus132.547323
Amber Porter Telfer93Lover of photography, digital technology, design, vintage, laughter and life. Veteran of life and the U.S. Army. The path is #AlwaysForward439.8082773
Kipp Bodnar94Inbound Marketing @HubSpot. Co-Author of The B2B Social Media Book (http://t.co/t36xZN1U45). Founded http://t.co/kyA58QhbtI (@smb2b)154.8447144
R Ray Wang95Constellation Research Founder, Provocateur, Keynoter, Disruptive Tech, Innovation, Biz Model Strategy, Author, Contract Negotiator Dominate Digital Disruption!316.4087881
Travis Kalanick96Uber CEO. Serial entrepreneur.227.5153454
Heather Strout97Director of Product Marketing at Lithium, providing social customer experience. I also love to cook and eat local and organic when possible.229.3908491
Jeff Cutler98Communications pro, keynoter, trainer. Journalist covering technology, food, travel and lifestyle. Enjoy content marketing, photography, beer and sarcasm.153.9534236
Jen Consalvo99COO of @techcocktail founder of product @thankfulfor coproducer of @DCWEEK. photo buff. chronic case of wanderlust. Proud to be part of http://t.co/Ehl59kwbKQ172.9808492
Seth Meyers100703.123306
Lauren Fernandez101social media @landrysinc. Granddaughter of a Cuban revolutionary. shorter than Tom Cruise. Big Hair Don't Care. #gopackgo347.5015301
Nisha Chittal102Social media content editor, @msnbc. News junkie, feminist, lover of brunch, wine bars, tapas. Opinions my own. Nisha.Chittal@nbcuni.com346.9760346
Chris Yates103Video Content Creator + Social Media 4 Brands-Bud Light, Verizon & Maui Jim, Sports Biz, Emmy Winner, Intercepted Heisman Winner, in Movie w/ Robert Downey Jr.500.6760353
Nick Cicero104Digital Strategist | Editor @socialfresh | Music Industry Consultant | Jazz Trumpeter, Music Producer | @SyracuseU Grad | Love Life484.2988714
Allyson Kapin105Founder of Women Who Tech: A Telesummit for Women in Tech in the non-profit and political campaign world. And Founder of Rad Campaign http://t.co/Gps8taWytD233.7664836
Naval Ravikant106Co-founder AngelList � Founder Epinions, Vast � Author Startupboy, Venture Hacks � Investor Twitter, Uber, Yammer, Postmates, Wanelo, Flipagram135.959224
Natanya Anderson107Dir. Social Media @WholeFoods, Past-President, Austin Food Blogger Alliance, ATX food blogger, mom, dragon rider, runner.306.0083855
Omar L. Gallaga108@Statesman tech culture writer, formerly on NPR's All Tech Considered. Work blog: http://t.co/30nM9seWI0 New podcast at: http://t.co/BuGXmpUMur Likes warm hugs.142.5266748
Greg Matthews109Healthcare. Social media. Enterprise change management. WCG, co-founder of #co_health chat, SxSW Health Advisory Board, creator of #MDigitalLife306.8800141
Ryan Holmes110CEO @hootsuite, Founder @invoke. I like social, startups, grownups, cycling, am learning to walk on hands and addicted to yoga. #BSU.138.2212212
Cindy Gallop111I like to blow shit up. I am the Michael Bay of business.182.4286446
Damien112falls somewhere between streetwear chic and laundry day desperation DAMIEN@COOLNE.WS http://t.co/0zs3zSs20p341.7565294
Joe Pulizzi113Founder, Content Marketing Institute (@CMIContent) and Content Marketing World #cmworld. Author, Epic Content Marketing. Obsessed about the color orange.212.819392
Rachael King114Social, PR & influence-y things @Sidecar. Cooks with whiskey often. Loathes leggings as pants and bad tippers. I am not a glutton; I am an explorer of food.332.2290079
Tony Conrad115CoFounder about.me & Sphere; True Ventures; Investor Automattic (WordPress); Blue Bottle Coffee; MakerBot; High Fidelity; Parking Karma & Drip Coffee Skills341.4609454
David B. Thomas116Dad, home cook, music nerd, tech geek. Sr. Dir., Content & Engagement, @Salesforce. Co-author, The Executive's Guide to Enterprise Social Media Strategy.274.3745745
Kevin Systrom117ceo & cofounder at instagram90.43199231
Steven Johnson118Writer. (eight books, most recently Future Perfect.) Web site creator (three companies, most recently outside.in.) Dad (three boys.)135.3053413
Glenn Greenwald119Journalist with @The_Intercept - author, With Liberty & Justice for Some - dog/animal fanatic - email/PGP public key (https://t.co/uJnK90oulZ)336.3419246
Mark Trammell120Mark. Young ragamuffin from the streets. French duke lying about in hammocks eating soft cheese. Chimney sweep. Friend of Tom. Twttr & Obama HQ in my rearview.120.1097567
Chuck Martin121Editor, mCommerce Daily, MediaPost, Columnist, NY Times Business Bestselling Author of Mobile Influence, Keynote Speaker Internationally480.3420586
Melissa Pierce122The only thing I ever wanted to be an expert at was learning new things203.9729474
Tammy Gordon123Innovating @AARP social media, television, radio, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, Netflix, Roku & whatever comes next. Views: My own327.6004187
Morgan Missen124FOLLOWS YOU | Self-parody account of Morgan Missen. Founded @main, former recruiter to the stars at @foursquare, @google and @twitter.148.8275903
Sydney Owen Williams125Unfiltered = my blog & approach to life. Love: veggies, skydiving, sunshine, and smiling. And unicorns.364.7372145
Evelyn Rusli126Reporter - Wall Street Journal - evelyn.rusli (at) wsj dot com290.7815146
Austin Kleon127I make art with words and books with pictures. Author of STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST, NEWSPAPER BLACKOUT, and SHOW YOUR WORK! http://t.co/VSJY4F9GeX175.4330305
Jen Grant128Digital marketing for @WaggenerEdstrom. CrossFit Addict. Greek-Irish. Traveler. Love me some red wine, dirt roads + horses.206.9048576
Dave Olsen129VP at HootSuite on long-term medical leave. Former CMTY & MKTG leader. Generally I enjoy hot springs, arts & crafts, literature, hugs and healing.996.100892
Kriselle Laran130SuperMom to 2 super boys. Also, sr. #digital supervisor for #tech and #B2B at @ZenoGroup and former web designer/developer.412.7953867
Mike Issac131All DMs accepted.413.3821252
Toby Daniels132runner of marathons, new york based co-founder & ceo of crowdcentric & founder & executive director of social media week.129.0030072
Christine Allen133The girl formerly known as Christine Major, @NetSuite PR for Retail/Ecommerce, @NHTweetUp, #digitalports, Mother of 2, stepmom to 3. #chaotic7 #blendedfamily171.9061956
Shana Glickfield134Love all things DC proper, social media, activism, & entrepreneurship! Dean of @Awesome_DC. Board of @SafeShoresDC. Partner at @BeekeeperGroup.171.0364103
Shireen Mitchell135speaker, founder, thought igniter in media, tech & politics; Investigator of the #UnusalSuspects~Geekette Grad '84~ 1st White House Tweetup Attendee227.906536
Chris Saad136Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer @EchoEnabled. Into Software platforms, Future of Media, Great TV, Movies & Politics.107.4355006
Dr. William J. Ward137Social Media Professor in @NewhouseSU @SyracuseU - Digital, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Journalism, Higher Ed, Innovation, @GoogleGlass Explorer209.866035
Don Tapscott138Author (most recent book Macrowikinomics), consulting company CEO, Hammond B3 player.U of Toronto, Rotman School Professor, Fellow Martin Prosperity Institute.215.3478162
Amber Rae139creative catalyst. writer+explorer. inspiring creatives + entrepreneurs to use intuition, ritual + heart to pursue their life's work. let's come alive together.252.7148668
Jen Nedeau140Senior Director at Bully Pulpit Interactive (@BPIMedia). Formerly from NYC media land. Columnist for PRWeek's The Hub & writer on @Medium.197.387868
LoriMoreno141#1TwitterGrader Influencer Luxury Brand Ambassador Travel Beauty Fashion Events TV _ _o_e Personality Author Speaker #SocialMedia PR http://t.co/axQcEr3mSI253.7010888
Courtney Boyd Myers142Founder of @audienceio. Curates @hustleandkale + @3460Miles. Writer @TheNextWeb, @thedailybeast + @WiredUK. Member of @Summit & @TheList.359.0101269
Kelly Lux143Dir of Social Media and Adjunct Prof @iSchoolSU * Co-founder #CMGRchat & #CMGRclass * Volunteer @HHDogRescue * Yogini * Internet Reconnaissance is my thing407.541631
Matthew Knell144Work: VP Social & Community @aboutdotcom | Teach: @paceuniversity @NYUSCPS | Love: #cmmeetup @mets @indycar | Before: @aol @cafemom @mtv @jetblue | MY views.724.6143594
Margot Bloomstein145Appropriate, Inc. brand and content strategist; author of Content Strategy at Work: http://t.co/CPwL5eJP Dog lover.321.3201239
Michael S Galpert146Working on @superdotcc http://t.co/QQ8k8wVcYS let me know what u think :) cofounded @Aviary & love to dance113.4646722
Perez Hilton147Perez Hilton is a proud dad! He is also the creator and writer of one of the most famous websites in the world. And he loves music and musicals - a lot!394.4062907
Peter Fasano148SVP, Social@Ogilvy Atlanta. Interest in marketing strategy, pop culture, EV's & taquerias. Views are mine | #SocBiz #SMM #Glass #LATISM #SFGiants #FamilyTime112.743438
Eddy Badrina149Follower of Jesus. Husband. Father. Co-founder of @Buzzshift. Can't stop the hustle.449.2637261
Kate Brodock150Prez @GirlsinTech *Dir & Prof @NewhouseSU *@Forbes *@FletcherSchool @EmoryGoizueta & @UofR grad *socialmedia, tech, startups, hilariousness, bubbly, brews, life154.5095551
Leigh Durst151Strategist, Consultant, Connector. Excellence Junkie. Runs with Scissors. IEEE & OpenStand Advocate220.65753
Taryn Pisaneschi152Palm Beach Real Estate Agent, tarynsellspalmbeach(dot)com, Speaker (New Media Expo, BlogHer) Founder WIN� Women Intelligently Networking snowboarder Mom313.0125847
Jesse Engle153Husband to @leighengle. Dad to Alex, Jon, Nick. Internet entrepreneur & investor. Co-founded @Seesaw, @Everlapse & @CoTweet. @HaitiPartners board member.114.3933979
Erica Swallow154@Temperatureapp @MITSloan 2015 | @Forbes @Mashable @HuffingtonPost contributor | Formerly @Deliverish co-founder & @NYTimes marketing | @NYUStern alum | _______301.6183865
Heather Gold155Writer/Performer. Speaker. CBC Contributor. OG web. One of http://t.co/l470r0r9Tc98.6287878
Sara Lang156Social Media Manager for Advocacy at #AARPSocial. Views are my own. CAP/DNC/Obama alum. I wasn't a hugger before Obama2012.261.777837
Adrian Parker157vice president, digital marketing at patr�n spirits company. lucky lover of @alisharparker. proud papa of @babyparker2013. student of life and christ.439.3309371
Jon Swartz158San Francisco bureau chief for USA Today, S.F. Giants fan, sucker for British rock and the Boss, and devotee of Saul Bellow.266.8428122
Kety Maria Esquivel159Principal Esquivel McCarson Consulting | TEDx Convener | Published Author | TV Commentator | Ivy League Graduate | Entrepreneur | Creative | Explorer267.0087828
Bianca Bosker160Executive Tech Editor, The Huffington Post (@HuffPostTech). Bianca@huffingtonpost.com. Author, Original Copies: Architectural Mimicry in Contemporary China379.4506707
Mike Prasad161Entrepreneur, Culture Hacker, Speaker, Startup Consultant Technologist. Creator of the original twittering food truck, a cocktail week, bitters company & more.101.9609243
Rick Turoczy162Founder @siliconflorist. Cofounder @PIEpdx @orstoryboard @meetthestartup @TFNW. More than mildly obsessed with Portland, Oregon, startups http://t.co/ut50smOjKg102.5399086
Werner Vogels163CTO @ Amazon89.81842947
Andy Langer164Esquire. KGSR. KROX. Time Warner Cable News (formerly YNN). The New York Times Texas Edition. Texas Monthly.386.2623543
Brad Mays165GM Edelman Digital Chicago #mobile #social #digital #analytics #socialtv #robots #Austin http://t.co/0uZLIT5PoY183.3053726
Chelsea Clinton166Wife, Daughter, Vice-Chair/Champion of all things Bill, Hillary & Chelsea @ClintonFdn, @ClintonHealth, @NBCNews Special Correspondent, New Yorker, Mom to Soren40511.97313
Emily Gannett167I plan events that take place in real life and bridge the digital and physical worlds. People say they�re fun. I run marathons & IRL Productions.157.2469803
Bruce Sterling168one of the better-known Bruce Sterlings97.24051781
Justin Timberlake 169Official Twitter Account of Justin Timberlake386.0349579
Jeff Willinger170A character w/ character-Social Computing, Portals, Intranets, SharePoint-E2.0, Pres SMCChicago, SocBiz-Tennis-Speaker-Influencer-70.3-26.2-Blackhawks-lifelover189.0677599
Mike Melanson171Writer. Cyclist. Traveler. Technomad. Player of disc golf. Austinite. (Formerly of ReadWriteWeb)732.1136423
Joseph Gordon-Levitt172I direct an open collaborative production company called hitRECord -- writers, filmmakers, musicians, artists... wanna come work with me?369.3906598
Yoko Ono173IMAGINE PEACE: Think PEACE, Act PEACE, Spread PEACE.292.2767125
Babette @ BakeSpace174Join us at #Techmunch Austin March 9 http://t.co/FPFmyCq7OC | Founder of http://t.co/FY2ttgUVL5 | #kitchenparty co-host (Thurs 5pm PT on G+)138.9031002
Dave Cynkin175Co-Founder, CMO, Sleep Deprivationist & Thrill Seeker at BlogWorld, New Media Expo & TBEX, Dad, Runner, Skier & Boarder, Cyclist, MA Student, Foodie, Photo Geek134.6246407
Dean McBeth176New parent with @alliemcbeth, Group Director @W2OGroup, out-of-shape cyclist, former coast-dweller living in Texas. Own my opinions. In that order, maybe.96.56333335
Jessi Hempel177I write about the Internet for Fortune Magazine. I co-chair the Brainstorm Tech Conf. in Aspen. I want to know what people do on the web. http://t.co/lI9xvLHv7p124.5737929
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