Little Bird SXSW 2014 Top 500

Let’s face it: SXSW is an overwhelming carnival. Whether you’re in Austin with 72,000 other attendees or tuning in from afar on the social web. How will you make sense of it all? Where will you focus your attention?  Little Bird built a list of the Top 500 influencers as ranked by our unique system. This Silk lets you see the live tweets from people on this list and explore the rankings. Got a question? Tweet us @getlittlebird (We can also ask our partners @SilkDotCo to help, too). 

At Little Bird, we believe the best way to make sense out of a complex experience like SXSW is to learn who is at the heart of the community around it—and then explore their connections and conversation. That’s what Little Bird delivers for any topic. To help you focus your SXSW experience, we proudly present the Top 500 influencers of SXSW 2014, as measured by the attention they get from their peers. Y 

A Few Interesting Views of the Top 500

Silk lets you explore, sift, and filter the data to build different view and highlight different information. Here's a sample of a few views.

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Live from Little Bird's SXSW Top 500

Follow the stream of live Tweets by Little Bird's list of the top 500 SXSW 2014 people. You can also explore in greater detail the rankings and build new views based on a variety of metrics including: Emergence Score, Listening Score, Insider Score, Tweets Per Day, Volume of Tweets Per Day and Overall Rank. You can also filter by specific terms - so you can make a view like this one that shows people in the Top 500 that contain CEO in their Twitter Profile and also Tweet more than 5 times per day. 

Who’s on the Top 500 List?

You’ll see everyone from Internet stars like a @scobleizer, @garyvee, @ev, @briansolis, @jowyang and @pistachio, to celebrities from other venues that have intersected with SXSW like @aplusk, @neiltyson, @kanyewest, @pattonoswalt, @shaq and @sethmeyers. Dig down a little further in the list and you’ll find a lot of well-known and less-famous folks who have done some of the hard thinking and work to build today’s digital culture. There are a few music and film folks represented, but we have focused our lens here on SXSW Interactive because music and film are two big, big communities of their own.